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The Great Republic By the Master Historians Vol. III
The following articles are excerpts from Volume III of The Great Republic by the Master Historians. The book was published in 1902 and edited by renowned American historian Hubert H. Bancroft. It covers United States' history from the War of 1812 through the Civil War and Reconstruction. Within the book, Bancroft comments on each historical event, as well as includes more detailed accounts by other historians.

The War of 1812: The Constitution and the Guerriere
Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry: War of 1812
The Battle of the Thames
Death of Tecumseh
War of 1812 battle: Lundy's Lane
The burning of Washington
Battles in the War of 1812: Invasion of Lake Champlain
Naval history: the War of 1812
Information on the Battle of New Orleans
Effects of the Embargo Act and War of 1812
The beginnings of the sectional conflict
History of pioneers
The administration of James Monroe
History of American slavery until 1820
Anti slavery history
The Compromise of 1820
Manufacturing history in the United States
The protective tariff
The nullification crisis of 1832
The second bank of the United States
The Seminole Wars
Early history of Texas
The battle of buena vista
The financial panic of 1837
The expansion of America westward
The history of the California Gold Rush
History of the abolitionist movement
Resistance of the Fugitive Slave Act
What was the Kansas Nebraska Act?
Bloody Kansas
The election of 1860
The secession of the southern states
The beginning of the Civil War
The assault on Fort Sumter
The Civil War: Naval Warfare
The Monitor vs. the Merrimack
The Civil War: Battles in Virginia
The battle of Antietam
The Civil War: Battles out West
The Civil War in Kentucky
The Civil War: Missouri
The Battle of Shiloh
Civil War battles: Captain Farragut on the Mississippi
Civil War highlights
The siege of Vicksburg
General Grant and the fall of Vicksburg
Civil war battles: Lookout mountain
The Civil War: Tennessee
The Battle of Gettysburg
The Civil War: The Mississippi river
General Sherman's March to the Sea
After Gettysburg
Sheridan's Ride
The Surrender of General Robert E. Lee
Correspondence between General Lee and General Grant near the end of the Civil War of the United States.
The end of the Civil War of the United States
The assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Civil War statistics
General Grant on Lincoln's Assasination
Ulysses S. Grant on the American Soldier
Reflections on the Civil War by Ulysses S. Grant
Information on the Civil War: Report of the United States Armies, 1864-1865
Ulysses S. Grant biography
General William Tecumseh Sherman biography
Robert E. Lee biography
Thomas Stonewall Jackson biography
Maximilian in Mexico
Reconstruction of the South
The impeachment of President Andrew Johnson
The presidency of Ulysses S. Grant
Chicago fire of 1871
The Credit Mobilier scheme
The financial panic of 1873
History of international arbitration
The Gold Standard in the United States
The Bland Bill
American labor history: National labor congress of 1870
Labor history in the United States
The presidency of Rutherford B. Hayes
Civil Service Reform
The presidential election of Grover Cleveland
The Centennial Celebration of the united states
The World's Fair: Chicago 1893

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