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This site contains excerpts from Volume I of The Great Republic by the Master Historians. The book was published in the early 1900's and edited by renowned American historian Hubert H. Bankcroft. It covers United States' history from the period preceding the American Revolution through the presidency of Thomas Jefferson. Within the book, Bancroft comments on each historical event, as well as includes more detailed accounts by other historians.

The Great Republic By the Master Historians Vol. I

Before Columbus
The origin of Native Americans
Phoenecia and the New World
Myth of Atlantis: Part of the New World
Chinese in America: When did the Chinese first reach the New World?
Vikings Voyages: Exploration of the New world?
Aboriginal history
Aboriginal architecture
Native american indian culture
Christopher Columbus Biography
The Christopher Columbus Story: The Voyage to America
Spanish Exploration after Columbus
Vasco Nunez de Balboa biography
History of the Aztec Indian: The Spanish Conquest
Hernando Cortez and the Spanish conquest of Mexico
Juan Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth
Hernando De Soto Biography
Jacques Cartier: explorer of the St. Lawrence River
British Explorers: The 16th Century
The Roanoke Colony
The Colonization of America
The Jamestown Colony of 1607
The Colonial History of Maryland
The Landing of the Pilgrims
The Voyage of the Mayflower
Roger Williams and Rhode Island
The Pequot War
Samuel Champlain Biography
Henry Hudson Biography
The Introduction of alcohol to the Native Americans
The Dutch Colonies in the New World
Quakers History: How the Quakers established themselves in the New World
The history of Philadelphia
The History of the Carolinas
History of Louisiana: Early colonization by the Europeans
Quakers: Persecution in colonial Massachusetts
The Salem witchcraft trials
Sir Edmund Andros biography
The Bacon rebellion
American colonial history: The early seeds of revolution
Colonial Wars: France and England
King George's war
The Seven Years War between the French and the English in colonial america
The French and Indian War
The Life of George Washington: Service in the French and Indian war
Fort Duquesne during the French and Indian War
Benjamin Franklin biography: First plan of Colonial union
General Braddock's defeat in the French and Indian war
Sir William Johnson: The French and Indian war
The expulsion of the Acadians
General James Wolfe biography
The Death of General Wolfe

The Life of William Penn

John Paul Jones, A Naval Legend

History of the US Mint

Early Coins of the US Mint

War Medals of the Confederacy

History of Early American Taverns

History of Alcohol in America


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