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Our Country was published in 1877 as a "Household History for All Readers." These articles are from the second volume of the book in which the author, Benson J. Lossing, chronicles the American Revolution from 1760 until the early days of independence around 1800.

Our Country vol. 2

Writs of Assistance
The Earl of Bute
George Grenville
What is taxation without representation?
Who is Charles Townshend?
What was the Stamp Act
Reaction to the Stamp Act
A history of the British Cabinet
King George III and the repeal of the Stamp Act
Repeal of the Stamp Act
British Colonial Tax
Massachusetts Circular Letter
John Hancock and his Liberty ship
Who was William Livingston?
The Colonial Assemblies
Choiseul, French statesman, and his role in the American Revolution
PreAmerican Revolution
The Massachusetts Song of Liberty
Governor Tryon
Governor Bernard
Colonial American Trade
Alexander McDougall
How did James Otis die?
Christopher Snyder
What was the Boston Massacre?
Boston Massacre Trial
The Tea Tax of 1770
North Carolina Regulators
Governor Thomas Hutchinson
Narraganset Bay
What caused the Boston Tea Party?
What was the Boston Tea Party?
Boston Port Bill and other bills
Benjamin Franklin before the Privy Council in 1774
General Gage appointed Governor
Boston Committee of Correspondence
Salem, Massachusetts history
Political History of New York in 1774
Minutemen of the Revolutionary War
List of members at the First Continental Congress
Patrick Henry, "I am not a Virginian but an American"
The setting of the First Continental Congress of 1774
The events of the First Continental Congress of 1774
Annapolis Tea Party
Results of the First Continental Congress
Native American Wars
British Parliament in History
A Benjamin Franklin anecdote
Reaction to the Continental Congress in Britain
Lord Chatham
Who was the Earl of Sandwich?
Lord Fredrick North
Causes of the American Revolution
Revolutionary War begins in Boston
Battle on Lexington Green
Who fired the first shot in the American Revolution?
William French of Westminster, Vermont
Battle of Concord
The results of the Battles of Concord and Lexington in 1774
Patrick Henry and the Virginia Convention
Results of the Virginia Convention 1755
Beginning of the American Revolution
What is the Second Continental Congress?
What is the Continental Army?
What was the Battle of Bunker hill?
George Washington takes command of the Continental Army
Siege of Boston
General Schuyler
Battle of Fort Ticonderoga
Battles at Montreal and Fort Chambly
Benedict Arnold in the American Revolution
Revolutionary War: the Battle of Quebec
The American Continental Army
British evacuation of Boston
History of America in 1775
Virginia in 1775
Who was Flora MacDonald?
South and North Carolina enter the Revolutionary War
Georgia enters the American Revolution
British foreign policy history
Invasion of Canada: the American Revolution
Sir John Johnson
Revolutionary War in New York, 1776
General William Howe prepares his New York attack 1776
Common Sense summary
Continental Congress and the Declaration of Independence
The Battle of Long Island, New York, 1776
Who was Nathan Hale?
Battle of Harlem Heights
France in the American Revolution 1776-1777
The Battle of White Plains
Jersey: the British prison ship
General Gage and the Northern campaign, 1776
George Washington - Battle of Trenton
Outcome of the Battle of Trenton, 1776
British in the American Revolution: preparing for Canada
Connecticut in the American Revolution
France in the American Revolution, 1777
The story of Jane McCrea
General John Burgoyne
The American Revolution: Battles of the North, 1777
Battles of the American Revolution: Fort Clinton and Fort Montgomery
Battle of Brandywine Creek
Battle of Philadelphia
After the Battle of Germantown
George Washington: his winter at Valley Forge
A short poem by Francis Hopkinson
Conway Cabal
What are the Articles of Confederation?
Results of the American Revolution in Europe
George Washington and Valley Forge: spring of 1778
Jonathan Trumbull: a satirical poem
General Sir William Howe
General Charles Lee: traitor of the American Revolution
France in the American Revolution: 1778
Wyoming Valley massacre
The American Revolution: western front
European reaction to the American Revolution
Military Funding in the American Revolution
Revolutionary War in Georgia: 1779
Revolutionary War in South Carolina
General Anthony Wayne
The American Revolution: northern campaign in 1779
Continental Navy
Siege of Charleston
Colonel Banastre Tarleton: massacre in South Carolina
General Horatio Gates
Patrick Ferguson
Who is General Francis Marion?
Alexander Hamilton: his life and engagement to Miss Schuyler
Battles of the American Revolution: New Jersey
Who is General Benedict Arnold?
Major John Andre: spy of the American Revolution
History of America: 1780
General Anthony Wayne
Ratification of the Articles of Confederation
General Nathaniel Greene's southern brigade
Revolutionary War in Virginia
The Battle of Camden
Battles of the American Revolution: siege of Augusta
Orangeburg massacre
Skirmishes of the American Revolution: Fort Griswold and others
1781: the Battle of Yorktown
Surrender at Yorktown
John Laurens: death in the skirmishes following Yorktown
Paris Peace Treaty of 1783
End of the Revolutionary War
George Washington 1st President
Results of the American Revolution
Philadelphia Constitutional Convention 1787
George Washington's inauguration
History of U.S. Congress
Which President first proclaimed Thanksgiving day?
Second Session of Congress
Third Session of U.S. Congress
History of Ohio: 18th Century
History of American political parties
Effects of the French Revolution in U.S.
Citizen Genet
The Whiskey Rebellion
History of foreign U.S. policy
Election of 1796
John Adams, U.S. President
George Washington's Death
Washington D.C. history
Thomas Jefferson's Presidency
U.S. Navy History
What is the Louisiana Purchase?
Emperor Napoleon: effects on U.S.
The Embargo Act of 1807
James Madison's Presidency
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