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This web site contains both old and new history.  Many articles are drawn from Volume I of Our Country, published in the late 1800's. This series chronicles American history from the Viking explorations in the 10th century through the French and Indian wars.  We also add new articles regarding current events that are making history.

Voyage of Eric the Red
PreColumbian Civilization
What is the Iroquois Confederacy?
Native American Geography
American Indian Tribes of the Southeast
European Age of Exploration
Who was Christopher Columbus?
Christopher Columbus in Spain
Christopher Columbus's Journey
Columbus's Exploration of the New World
Columbus's Second, Third and Forth Voyages to America
Who is John Cabot?
Who is Amerigo Vespucci?
Gaspar Cortereal
Who was Ponce de Leon?
Haiti in History
Alonso de Ojeda, the explorer
Who is Vasco Nunez de Balboa?
Who is Hernando Cortez?
Panfilo de Narvaez
Who is Hernando de Soto?
New World Exploration
Jacques Cartier, explorer
What was the Reformation
Who was Coligni?
Who is Jean Ribault?
French colonies in North America
Pedro Menendez de Aviles
Who is Martin Frobisher?
Who is Sir Francis Drake?
Who is Walter Raleigh?
Roanoke Island Colony
History of the New England Colonies
French settlement in North America
Who is Samuel de Champlain?
Who is Henry Hudson?
Life in 17th Century England
London and Plymouth Companies
Who is Captain John Smith
Pocahontas and John Smith
John Smith in Jamestown
Jamestown Settlement in the early years
John Rolfe and Pocahontas
Early English Settlement
Pilgrims of the Mayflower
New Netherland Colony
The Plymouth Company
Emigration plan of Gorges and Mason
Sir George Calvert, Lord Baltimore
First Colonies of the Dutch
War With The Pequods
New Haven History
Connecticut colonial history
Rhode Island colonial history
Dutch colonial history
History of New Netherland
Colonial Pennsylvania History
Carolinas' colonial history
History of Colonial Georgia
Colonial history of Virginia
Opechancanough, the massacre of 1622
Colonial American History
Republicanism in colonial Virginia
History of Virginia and conflict with American Indians
Virginia government history
New York colonial history
William Kieft
Who is Peter Stuyvesant?
Governor Francis Lovelace
Sir Edmund Andros
Jacob Leisler
Ex Governors of New York
Who is William Bradford?
The Pilgrims at Plymouth
Who is John Winthrop?
History of the New England Colonies
Policy of King Charles I for American Colonies
King Philip War
History of Colonial Massachusetts
Salem witch craft
Mrs. Dustin
Queen Anne's War
Information on the French and Indian war
King George's War
Colonial history of Maryland
The Connecticut Colonies
Governor Andros
New Jersey colonial history
William Penn founder of Pennsylvania
History of the Southern Colonies
Native Americans in Colonial America
War in Colonies
When was the colony of Georgia founded?
History of early America
Jesuit history
Father Jacques Marquette
Who is Robert de la Salle?
Colonial American Culture
Government in colonial America
Pre American Revolution
Who is Christopher Gist?
Young George Washington and the Ohio Company
Battle of Fort Necessity
British colonial relations
Grand Pre, Novia Scotia in the French Indian War
Battle of Fort Duquesne
Governor William Shirley
French Indian War in 1755
French Indian War in 1756
Fort Oswego
Lord Loudon
Fort William Henry in the French Indian War
French Indian War in 1757
Siege of Louisburg
Expulsion of the French from Fort Duquesne
French Indian War: the Canada campaign
French Indian War: the Fall of Canada
Results of the French Indian War

Prince Charles Scandal

Paris Hilton

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