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PublicBookshelf wants to provide readers with excellent, well-written romance novels and stories which they can read online at no cost. We are always looking for authors who want to publish their books or stories online.

You can publish as many books or stories as you want on PublicBookshelf - just a chapter or two, one book, several books or all of your book.

Benefits of Being a PublicBookshelf Author

  • No cost to publish a book or story on PublicBookshelf.
  • Free online promotion. Books and stories are featured on the home page and in weekly emails to readers.
  • Maintain your copyright and other legal rights. PublicBookshelf does not ask you to sign away your legal rights for your work.
  • Author bios and photo are included for each author.
  • Cross promotion to your other books is easy. You can include information on all your books and stories in your author bio (including those you haven't yet published on PublicBookshelf). Your bio screen also features a list of your works which are published on PublicBookshelf, their covers and a brief synopsis of each. Readers can also find your other books on PublicBookshelf with links from each of your published works.
  • Optional purchase links connect your readers to a website of your choice where they can purchase a copy of your book online.
  • No need to reformat your book or story. Just submit your edited manuscript.
  • Use your own book cover, one of our templates or we will provide a cover for your book at no extra cost.

How to Get Started as a PublicBookshelf Author

The first step is to register as an author from the handy link on the home page of PublicBookshelf. Once you have registered you can immediately submit your book or story for publication or come back anytime and submit your work. It's easy and it's free.

Have More Questions?

The submission guidelines are easy to follow. If you have more questions just check the frequently asked questions or send us an email.