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Chapter 5


The drive up to the estate was for the most part uneventful. Rebecca told me of her childhood, and I gave her the abridged version of mine. We discussed her plans to finish her A levels, and the logistics of life after the wedding, particularly where we would live. She wanted to stay in the same house - it was almost opposite her mother's house, and near her school. I wondered if we would be better off in a larger place with limited access and better security. Our family holdings were extensive, and there were a few places within an hours drive of her mother's house that would fit the bill nicely. I didn't like the idea of living on a public road, especially with the threat of Jack and his dubious intentions hanging over us all. But security means different things to different people, and if it made my lady feel happy and secure to live near her family, I would have to accept the risk, and deal with it.

Marcus and Fergus had already arrived and settled in by the time we reached the estate. Rebecca took one look at the Bentley parked on the gravel outside, and started giggling. I glanced across at the gold coloured monstrosity, and shook my head. My brothers had never grasped the concept of being unobtrusive. I started wondering what Fergus had arranged wedding-wise. I would have to have a word with him.


Fergus, genius that he was, had arranged supper. I was starving by the time we got to Aberdeenshire. For some reason the idea of stopping at any of the the fast food joints along the way hadn't appealed to either of us, so the smell of what turned out to be steaks that wafted out of the front door made my stomach grumble. I had obviously abandoned my vegetarian past without a backward glance. The iron tablets I swallowed everyday also heightened my sense of smell, and those steaks smelled divine. Marcus greeted us at the door, and after one look at my expression, he waved us through to the kitchen, where Fergus was ladling mushroom sauce over four chunky steaks and the vegetables on the side that looked like they'd been an afterthought.

"Hi Fergus," I said, my eyes fixed on the closest steak.

He smirked, and handed me the plate. "And hello to you too Rebecca."

Fortunately everyone appeared to be as hungry as I was, and apart from a few perfunctory greetings, silence reigned as we sat around the old wooden kitchen table and ate.

"We need to plan for tomorrow," Marcus eventually stated between mouthfuls.

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