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Chapter 1

Thursday 17 January


I was back at school the next day. It would have been nice to have been able to add as if nothing had happened , but this was clearly not the case.

Firstly, Angus took me to school. In his car. I knew next to nothing about cars, but apparently the male population of the school knew quite a lot about them, and they stared. I hopped out of the car and turned to wave goodbye to Angus, but he had already climbed out of the driver's seat and was striding around the back of the car, and next thing I knew he had kissed me. In front of everyone . He grinned wickedly, got back in the car, and drove off. I stood there, blushing helplessly and watched him drive away. I contemplated revenge for a few heady seconds, but dismissed the idea pretty quickly. Revenge against any vampire was an absurd ambition. Revenge against a vampire like Angus - an outrageous aspiration of improbable proportions. Oh well.

When I turned around I started blushing all over again. Every single set of eyes was watching me, fascinated, as if I was about to flip out and start screaming, or something. It was an option. I hated being the centre of attention before I found out that I was a vampire a couple of days ago. Now that I had several excellent and very real reasons to shy away from attention of any sort, I hated it even more. I ducked my head and started walking in the direction of the headmaster's office. Along the way it occurred to me that these people had seen me being abducted two days ago, and they knew next to nothing of what had happened to me since then. Their minds were probably conjuring up all sorts of improbable scenarios. I chuckled. I bet they would really freak out if they knew that I was actually a vampire, and I had been abducted by another vampire, and rescued by my vampire boyfriend. Sorry, fiancé . Yeah, that would really blow their minds. I grinned to myself.

"What's so funny, Miss Harding?" The headmaster, Mr Parker, stood in front of me, as if he'd appeared out of nowhere, looking stern and concerned at the same time. He pulled it off quite well, actually.

"Nothing, Mr Parker. I am just very happy to be back at school." And I was, in a way. I had always bewailed the boredom of my existence, but right now I was ready to embrace the tedium of high school like an old and very dear friend. It would be a nice break from the madness of the past week.

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