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Submission Guidelines

PublicBookshelf makes it easy to submit a story or a book. The following guidelines give info about the content, style and format that we are looking for in a book or Bookie. We have also included some tips on submitting your work.

If you still have questions after reading these guidelines, just email us at:

Book Categories

PublicBookshelf accepts submissions of all types of romance novels including:


Stories (Bookies) - You can submit parts of your story one part at a time. Want to submit an individual short story or a poem? Just submit it as a story part. You can add story parts to your Bookie at any time.

Full Books or Samples - You can submit a full book with chapters or just submit several chapters of a book as a sample. Poems and short stories can be given chapter names and combined into a book.

Word Count - All full books submitted must be 10,000 words or more. For Bookies there is no minimum word count for a story part and there is no minimum number of story parts that must be submitted.

Language - We only accept books which are written in English.

File Format - To submit a Bookie, just type in your story part using the submission form.

Fonts - Your book can contain any font face or font size. The publishing process will automatically convert the font in your Bookie or book into a standard font face and font size.

Special Characters and Section Break Characters - The publishing process will automatically remove most special characters including drop caps (large initial capital letter in the first word of a sentence) and asterisks or other decorative accents and fleurons used as section breaks.

Images and Illustrations - The publication process will automatically delete any images, photos and illustrations from your book. You should not submit a book to PublicBookshelf for publication consideration if you feel that the book's integrity would be compromised if it was published without the images, photos or illustrations.

Covers - You can submit an image for your cover when you submit your text. If you do not have a cover you want to submit (or if you don't want to use one of the free templates for your Bookie), PublicBookshelf will select a cover design for your work and add the title of your work and your name as you entered when you registered as an author.

Digital Rights

While we welcome previously published books, we do require the right to publish the work or sample of the work in its entirety online. This is a non-exclusive right.

Only the rightful owner of the work (i.e. author or publisher of the print version) may submit the book. The owner must be able to provide proof of digital rights.

We don't sell printed books, so we understand that our authors may be selling their book in stores and/or on the Internet. To promote the sales of their books, authors may publish short excerpts on the Internet of their book from PublicBookshelf.


The manuscript must be relatively error free. PublicBookshelf will not edit your work, but we do a general review to ensure the content is reasonably grammatically correct and makes sense. If a book needs formatting, editing and spell checks, we will reject the book and explain the reason for the rejection. The author has the option to correct the formatting, editing and spelling and resubmit the book for publication consideration.

The content must abide by the Terms of Use. This means your book may not include unlawful content, including defamation, abuse, harassment, stalking, threats, or otherwise violate the legal rights of others.

The content cannot include excessive profanity or violence, pornography or erotic content.

If you want to register and submit your work for consideration, you need to:

  1. Register as an author. Just answer a few basic questions such as your name, address, telephone number and email address.
  2. Review the Submission Agreement.
  3. Submit your Bookie (or add additional story parts to your Bookie) by entering the content in the submission form.

To Update Your Author Profile

The Author Dashboard contains a link to let you add or edit information on your profile. By clicking on the link "Edit Profile | Author Bio" you can:


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