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Both children and adults have played sporting games for centuries. Sports are competitive games that involve a particular skill and follow a set of rules. Today, sports are anything where physical capabilities or mental skills determine the outcome and the winner.

While most people associate the earliest sporting events with the Olympics in Greece, it is believed that the Chinese participated in sports as early as 4000 BC. Many ancient cultures used sports to hone warfare skills. This is evidenced by sports that still exist today, sports such as javelin throwing, the high jump, polo and wrestling all can trace their roots to skills used in times of war.

Today, sportsmanship is an important part of any sports activity. Children are taught from an early age to congratulate the opposing team, and individuals who don't play by the rules are shunned by teammates. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are many books written on the value of sportsmanship for today's athletes.

Are you a sports fanatic? Read about your favorite teams and individual athletes. Read about legendary games, athletes that have made history and teams that inspired us all.

No sports book collection would be complete without a selection of books on how to play individual sports and training to win. Learn the proper training techniques, healthy habits for athletes, and the proper equipment for each sport.

Whether you are a sports fan or an athlete, find great sport titles written especially for you.

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Book 2 History Interrupted The past is waiting. Josie Jackson has been thrown back to the era of the Mongol Empire by Carter, the mastermind behind her trip to the Old West. Soon after arriving, she's discovered by Carter's enemies.

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