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Hagiographa-The third part of the ancient JEWISH divisions of the OLD TESTAMENT, and containing books that are not in the TORAH.

Hands-On-Healing-The laying of hands on another person or animal for the purpose of channeling life forces to aid in healing. It is said to mend body, mind and spirit.

Happy Hunting Ground-The Native American equivalent of HEAVEN for the Native American Indian. Basically, a PARADISE of happy hunting and feasting for warriors of Native American Indian tribes.

Hare Krishna-A RELIGIOUS SECT devoted to the HINDU god VISHNU and the incarnation of Vishnu into KRISHNA. Founded in 1966 by Swami Prabhupada, who claimed to be the latest in a line of SPIRITUAL MASTERS, and members are frequently found wandering about chanting Krishna's name.

Harmony-The incorporation of inner tranquility into a reliable, balanced whole, and being able to be at peace with your environment and circumstances.

Healer-A person who is able to channel healing forces or vibrations of a life force to help restore health to others.

Heathen-A non-believer of RELIGIOUS teachings; a PAGAN.

Heaven-In Western RELIGION, the dwelling place of GOD and angels, and the resting-place for the SOULS of true believers who have been granted SALVATION after death. Usually thought of as a place of eternal bliss. However, this idea is an area of disagreement among religious groups. There is quite a dispute on exactly where "HEAVEN" is, as scientifically we know that there is no such physical place in our universe. Scientists have simply eliminated that idea. So how could heaven be "up there?" Joseph Campbell comments in his book, The Power of Myth (6), that ascending to heaven is a metaphoric connotation. Meaning that one has gone inward, not to outer space but to inner space, to the place from which all being comes, into the CONSCIOUSNESS that is the source of all things, the kingdom of heaven within. Perhaps, then, heaven is a SPIRITUAL resting place, a SPIRITUAL place of ascent, and the more complete your ENLIGHTENMENT, the more elevated your position is in HEAVEN. If you have not sought to elevate your SPIRITUAL position, you will have to do more work later in order to proceed to higher realms. See also TIAN.

Heavenly-Relating to blissful, DIVINE, ETHEREAL, SACRED, uplifting.

Hebrew Bible-The Old Testament: TORAH, Prophets, and HAGIOGRAPHA.

Hebrew Scriptures-The TORAH, the prophets, and the writings that are the foundation of JUDAISM, and form the OLD TESTAMENT in the CHRISTIAN BIBLE.

Hell (Christianity)-Usually thought of as a place of eternal punishment (after death) for those who have sinned or have had wicked ways. Additionally, there would be no contact with GOD.

Henotheism-Allegiance to one God while allowing one to worship several other gods.

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