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Genuflection-The act of bending one knee (or half-kneeling) in reverence.

Glory-Sheer blissful, angelic ecstasy. The ultimate in admiration.

God-Force-The life energy or LIFE-FORCE that is present in all living beings.

Godhead-The FUNDAMENTAL, DIVINE nature of GOD.

Godliness-Devoutness or dedication to one's FAITH or RELIGION.

Golden Rule-Christ's rule of conduct that states that we should do to others as we would have them do to us.

Gnosis (No-sis) and the practice of Gnosticism- Generally thought of as emphasizing one's own pursuit of SPIRITUAL (or RELIGIOUS) knowledge through personal experience, as opposed to accepting established BELIEFS as taught by the various churches, in other words, knowledge superseding BELIEF. CHRIST was seen as noncorporeal, and valuing personal inquiry into SPIRITUAL truth, rather than FAITH is underscored. Thus, realizing that you can develop intuitive knowledge of the GOD within you, rather than blind obedience to RELIGIOUS teachings becomes important. This became a concern to the church, since knowledge that one acquires by oneself does not require the church. "To know oneself, at the deepest level, is simultaneously to know God: this is the secret of gnosis. Self-knowledge is knowledge of God; the self and the DIVINE are identical", says the Gnostic Society Library. The reader is encouraged to visit the web under the NAG HAMMADI LIBRARY for more complete information on this subject. Once there, the section called "The Introduction to the Nag Hammadi Library" is a good place to start.

Gnostic Gospels-See GNOSIS or NAG HAMMADI GOSPELS. The reader might also note that the Gospel of John in the BIBLE is a Gnostic Gospel.

God (Christianity)-An immortal, OMNIPOTENT being, who is thought to have created everything and everyone in the universe. Most western religions have personified him to be human-like and have human characteristics. How he (or she) is present and how GOD is perceived has been a dilemma for eons. Many people who believe in God take their belief as fact, even though concrete evidence is lacking, and great lengths are taken with biblical teachings and exploring ancient archeological sites to prove the references in the BIBLE, therefore strengthening their belief. Their BELIEF is usually substantiated by what many consider is convincing evidence in the BIBLE and its teachings. Usually God is seen as some unimaginable person like us, who is "out there" and keeps track of us and what we do and whether or not we follow the rules (with consequential reward or punishment). Usually seen as a father figure. See also other gods under GODS.

God Almighty (Christianity)-GOD.

Gods (or GOD)-An immortal being, divinity or psychic force. A principle object of FAITH or worship in MONOTHEISTIC RELIGIONS.

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