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Enrapture-To charm; to fill with elation; to delight, thrill or fill with excitement.

Enneagram-A millennium-old personality profile. It has nine personality positions (or personality profiles), each of which is neither better nor no worse than the other. It is an extraordinary way of discovering yourself, and a way of discovering your strengths and our weaknesses, and therefore opens the door to the possibility of changing the things that hinder you, and helps one understand others. Each number has a "wing", which influences the basic number, from a little to substantially affecting the basic number. For example, a #2 would have a wing of a #1 and a #3, usually with one wing being predominant over the other. There are numerous names for the nine-position personality profiles, but basically the groups are: #1 - The Reformer, the perfectionist. #2 - The Helper, the need to be needed, caring, generous, could be manipulative. #3 - The Egoist, governed by the need to succeed, the status seeker, self-assured. #4 - The Artist, the need to be special, introverted, depressive, natural eye for beauty. #5 - The Thinker, analytic, information oriented; the need to perceive. Head people, like to collect thoughts and ideas, like to take it all in. #6 - The Loyalist, dependent, reliable, easily succumbs to self-doubt. They like a world spelled out in black-and-white, are full of contradictions, look to authority to alleviate their fears. They want to feel protected and secure. #7 - The Enthusiast, experience oriented, radiates optimism, impulsive, excessive, fun-loving, manic, life is meant to be enjoyed, uninhibited, multi­talented, vivacious, want to escape anxiety. #8 - The Boss, the leader, dominating, won't give in, wants to remain in control no matter what; can become egocentric. #9 - The Peacemaker, centers on the need to avoid conflict; passive, neglectful, reassuring, being anxious is threatening, will try to maintain serenity at all cost (so may bury their heads in the sand), and they trust others. (See also Bibliography numbers 11 & 12 and www.Enneagram.com.) Entheism-The belief that GOD is an immeasurable intelligence that exists in an infinite diversity of beings, and animates all things from atoms to the galaxies.

Entheomania-An obsessive zeal or enthusiasm for RELIGION.

Entrainment-The tendency of two or more separate organisms, systems, or oscillating systems to enter into synchronicity. i.e. clocks that tend to fall into the same rhythm, or women's menstrual cycles becoming synchronized when in close contact with other women for a period of time.

Eos-A Greek term for the goddess of the dawn.

Epiphany-The sudden revelation or perception of GOD or something DIVINE, or the realization of something's essential definition or explanation.

Equilibrium-Being in balance, steadiness or in harmony with other beings, nature, or with yourself.

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