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Earth Plane-Our 3-D world and our physical existence on earth as seen within the confines of a 3-D perspective.

Ecclesiastic-A person of holy order. A clergyman or preacher, or pertaining to the church or a holy order.

Eckankar-(Ek-an-KAR) A practicing system of knowledge introduced by Paul Twitchell in 1964, and is based around the idea that WISDOM/SOUL travel is a sound current that is responsible for manifesting all of creation.

Eco-Spirituality-A form of MYSTICISM that regards earth-bound energies and matter as the focus of SPIRITUAL INSIGHT and values.

Ecstasy-Complete euphoric delight. Sometimes means ETHEREAL or trance-like state of openness to ENLIGHTENMENT.

Ego-One psychological division of the psyche that deals with your personality or conscious energy; specifically that part of your psyche that identifies with, or has to do with, who you think you are, rather than who you really are. Usually referred to as self-centeredness, self-importance, or the concern of what other people think about you, and the resultant acquisition of material things or power. It is usually seen as an obstacle to one's development.

Egoic Body-See CAUSAL BODY.

Egocentric-The selfish idea that one's self is the center or the norm of all experiences and ideas. Compare with ETHNOCENTRIC, WORLD-CENTRIC.

Eightfold Path-The eight pursuits in BUDDHISM which lead to release of suffering (DUKKHA) and these pursuits are not intended to be a series of sequential events or efforts, but rather all encompassing ways of behavior in the process toward ENLIGHTENMENT. They are: right (or perfected) understanding, right thought, right mindfulness, right livelihood, right conduct or action, right contemplation, right speech, right effort.

Élan Vital-Referring to a crucial, fundamental principle of life.

El Dorado-The 16th century Spanish used this term to indicate fabulous wealth, or to indicate a golden place.

Elevate-To rise or lift to a greater level in spirit, mood or feeling.

Emanation-A course of thinking that states that various degrees of reality arise from a single, basic, source, usually identified as GOD.

Embodiment-Physical INCARNATION of a non-worldly, non-spiritual entity.

Emotional Body-The level to which the body is imprinted with traumatic, unresolved past issues. Some say even from any past incarnations. Usually produces a feeling of elation when the issues are cleared.

Empathy-The ability and capacity to fully understand and experience another's thoughts, circumstances and/or feelings.

Empyreal or Empyrean (EmPI'rean) -The ultimate source of RIGHTEOUS ideas or feelings, or the dwelling of GOD and ANGELS. The ultimate HOLY reaches of HEAVEN.

Enchantment-The act of having the power of delight, or to be filled with magnetism or allure.

Energy Body-See ASTRAL BODY.

Enlightenment-In Zen it is called SARTORI. In BUDDHISM and other religions, a state in which the individual rises above desire and suffering and attains BLISS. It is usually seen as the ultimate goal on the SPIRITUAL path where one feels in HARMONY with the universe, and intimately understands the universal laws of the universe. Also known as the AGE OF REASON.

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