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Dalai Lama-(Given name Tyentsin Gyatso). The highest SPIRITUAL leader and former ruler of Tibet and the RELIGION Lamaism (in Tibetan Buddhism), and is the fourteenth phase of re-embodiment of the BUDDHA. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989. He left the country of Tibet in 1959, after an unsuccessful rebellion, and went to India. He now travels extensively in the U.S. (and elsewhere) on tours of RELIGIOUS and SPIRITUAL interests, and is the author of many books. His non-violent approach to conflict is held in high esteem.

Damnation-Condemnation to hell or everlasting punishment.

Dark Night of the Soul-The state of dissatisfaction and discouragement that sometimes occurs before SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT is experienced.

Daydreaming-A dream or fantasy product of one's imagination while awake.

Deadly Sins-Seven sins that are held to be fatal to SPIRITUAL development. They are: anger, gluttony, lust, pride, covetousness, envy, and slothiness. Compare to the Eightfold Path in BUDDHISM.

Dead Sea Scrolls-A collection of about 600 Aramaic and Hebrew manuscripts that were discovered in caves near the Dead Sea in Jordan in 1947. The dating of the scrolls dates from about 200 BC to 68 AD. This collection contained texts (or partial texts) of the HEBREW BIBLE (or the OLD TESTAMENT) and some non-biblical scrolls. The scrolls contained biblical commentaries, manuals of discipline, community organization, rites of initiation, ways to prepare for the coming of the kingdom of GOD, to corroborate readings and events listed in later texts, and as an aid to establishing the original text of the HEBREW SCRIPTURES.

Deicide-The killing of a GOD.

Deism-A belief in a TRANSCENDENT GOD that was the CREATOR, but has had no further interference in human or universal affairs. Could also mean a belief of the existence of GOD can only be revealed to us through the evidence of nature and reason without considering any particular RELIGIOUS BELIEF.

Deity-God, a DIVINE person or SUPREME BEING.

Delight-Marked pleasure or satisfaction.

Deliverance-Being liberated or freed from gloom or repression.

Delta Wave-A brain-wave frequency of 0-3 cycles ­per second, and when you are capable of expanded consciousness and bliss, and can be entered through deep MEDITATION. In this state, you are only vaguely aware of your physical body and position.

Demigod-Born of the union of GOD and a mortal, producing a half-DIVINE being, half-mortal.

Demon-An unseen SPIRIT or force that adversely influences a person's life and how they talk and act. It is paired with the DEVIL, SATAN, the leader of fallen angels, and MARA.

Denomination-A designated RELIGIOUS sect that has been given a specific name and defined practices and TENENTS, especially PROTESTANT.

Denotation-A type of reasoning leading from an observation that then leads to a specific conclusion. Compare to CONNOTATION.

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