Wallflower Girl (Chapter 5, page 1 of 8)

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"Smells good, sweetheart!" Nick announced as he opened the door and poked his head around, grinning cheekily. There was no Patricia to be seen. He closed the door and craned his neck to peer around the corner into the kitchen. "So where is my pretty baby?" he asked of the house, a teasing I'm-going-to-get-you edge to his voice.

She wasn't in the kitchen. He sniffed the aroma coming from the baked chicken dinner on the stove. "Mmm. Yummy," he said, checking in the laundry room off the kitchen. She wasn't in there either, and he figured she may have been hiding in the bathroom. He crept back through the living room, hands at the ready to clutch his lovely and intensely ticklish young wife.

The bathroom was empty. He flung back the yellow shower curtain ready to grab her but no; not there. "Hmm. I wonder where my little sweetheart could be," he said in mock confusion as he stalked toward their bedroom. The baby room door was open and he glanced behind it but she wasn't in there. The yellow plush area rug on the floor and the cheerful yellow curtains did make the room look inviting. Thinking about making the baby who would live in that room increased Nick's urgency considerably.

"I wonder where my pretty girl is hiding," he went on as he caught a glimpse of her through the crack in the open bedroom door. It looked like she was hiding behind it, pressed back against the mauve wall beside the wardrobe.

Nick stopped in the doorway and tossed his shirt at the cane clothes basket in the far corner of the room. It missed, one arm dangling forlornly into the basket, the rest of the sweaty fabric heaped on the floor.

"Hmm. I wonder where-" he started but suddenly lunged and grabbed his wife's arm, pulling her to him and planting a kiss on her lips as they parted in shock. He crushed her to his body, kissing her deeply and passionately. Her hands were pressed against his shoulders, pushing him away. She was squealing and struggling but he persisted until her squeals became moans and her fingernails eased from clawing his flesh.

Nick relented and lifted from her mouth. It hung open. Her eyes were wide with what looked like genuine surprise, almost fear. But that was ridiculous. "Um-no-wait…" she started to say but he kissed her again, cradling her head and leaning her back. Her hands clutched his shoulders for support and her fingernails dug in again.

Nick searched his wife's sweet mouth with his tongue and cupped her breast, massaging and feeling for the nipple through her dress and bra. One of her soft little hands gripped his arm when he did that, but her protests were only ever about it being an inconvenient time or whatever. He undid a button and then another, slipping his hand inside and under her bra, earning a kind of shriek and then another warm, mellow moan as he deepened the kiss once more.

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