The Kingdom (Chapter Six - Lesson Learned, page 1 of 9)

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The last year of training

So which of the seven Kingdomer Nations are we headed for?" I asked, in hopes that Kuri would divulge the route he was taking. His answer shocked me.

"We're not going to any of the seven Kingdomer Nations, as it is not yet time for that."

"If we're not visiting the seven Kingdomer Nations then where are we going?"

"Well, we just entered Ezon and after that Sarran followed by Portanisha and Orpital."

"But those are all Nicationer Nations!"


I didn't understand it.

Kuri glanced over to me, "Have you forgotten your own beginnings so quickly? Whether they are Nicationer or Kingdomer they are alike in that they all possess a soul. One is no better than the other in the eyes of El Elyon."

"How can that be true? Kingdomers serve and reverence the name of the Most High, while Nicationers bow in reverence to any dark entity or simple aspect of nature!"

There was a sad note to Kuri's tone as he said, "And yet I tell you the two are the same. In fact there are many Nicationers of higher regard in the eyes of El Elyon than those in the seven kingdoms. Many of those within the seven kingdoms say they worship El Elyon, but they serve another, while there are those among the Nicationer's who have never heard of El Elyon. Tell me Benaiah, which is worse?"

"To say you know El Elyon and yet not serve Him," I said slowly, as new comprehension dawned within me.

Kuri nodded and said, "Neither is good and both are in danger of Sheol, but those who have been given more chances to know and follow El Elyon's ways will have more expected of them in return. Theirs is the greater guilt for not believing, while ignorance is the Nicationer's defense against greater judgment than that received by the Kingdomer."

"Why do we go at all, if things have deteriorated to such a great degree?" I asked.

Kuri glanced over at me, "I never said it was hopeless Benaiah. People can change. Whether they be Nicationer or Kingdomer they all have the ability to change and become something far better."

As we rode along, I idly mused on why Kuri had chosen me to be his fellow messenger to a lost world. In a way I was, by blood, half of both worlds and yet Kuri saw me as just another man. Why should I be prejudiced against visiting the lands of my father's heritage?

"What are we doing after we reach Orpital?" I asked.

Kuri seemed reflective for a moment and time stretched out. I didn't think he was going to answer me when suddenly he spoke, "After our work is accomplished in Orpital we will head south into the Targon Mountains."

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