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Available Books

The Warrior Kind Series
Book 1: A Warrior's Redemption
Book 2: A Warrior's Journey
Book 3: A Warrior's Legacy
Book 4: A Warrior's Return
Book 5: A Warrior's Revenge

The Agents for Good Series
Book 1: Agent with a History
Book 2: Agent for a Cause
Book 3: Agent out of Time
Book 4: Agent in the Dark
Book 5: Agent on the Run
Book 6: Agent finds a Warrior

Water Wars Series
Book 1: Journey into the Deep
Book 2: The Proverbial War
Book 3: Title not yet announced, Coming 2015

The Wind Drifter Series
Book 1: Fire Wind
Book 2: Ice Wind, Coming 2015
Book 3: Hard Wind, Coming 2015
Book 4: Rift Wind, Coming 2015
Book 5: Drift Wind, Coming 2015

Non-series Books
The Kingdom

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