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Que the Adventure

"Will this do?" I asked.

Jane looked up from where she was hooking up on more computer display to the growing number within the room to the device in my hands.

"It should work." She affirmed.

I set the box down and looked around the virtual computer lab the apartment I had rented had become. The little chick certainly did know her stuff when it came to technology. I came to attention, as I realized that she was standing before me waiting expectantly for me to notice her.

"Okay what do you need now?" I asked.

"I need one of each of the four components that makes up the device." She said in a straightforward manner that had no hint of a joke to it.

I blinked, "Since when?"

"I told you I'm only familiar with one component of the device and it's going to take a lot more resources than what this setup has to offer to complete so I think it's a far better idea to gather one of each of the four components. I can't see any other way to complete the task you've put before me to accomplish."

She seemed to be on the level of what she'd said, but I didn't like it. "Okay then, when do we leave and where do we go?" I asked.

"We don't leave, only you do." She said hesitantly, as if not sure of my reaction.

"What!" I exclaimed.

She responded defensively, "There is a lot of work and programming that I must do here before it's even possible to put the components into a disruptive configuration such as you desire and on top of that I'm not going along because to do so is to commit suicide and this isn't my fight and I'm not dying for it!"

I felt consumed with anger because of her shallowness and I shot back sarcastically, "And I suppose you're going to wait around here working while I'm gone?"

"Why shouldn't I? I'm in little enough danger here and I want to get paid and you've shown me that you can so why wouldn't I stay?" Jane responded.

I gritted my teeth not liking her at all, but she had made some logical points. Grimly I asked, "So where are these components?"

"The components are manufactured and stored in four separate locations. Remote locations that to my knowledge have never been found. The place's that the components were put together as a whole have all been destroyed, unless they've built new ones." Jane said.

"What's first on the list?" I asked bad naturedly.

"Peru, the facility was constructed within the workings of an overgrown Incan temple in the jungle."

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