Agent on the Run (Chapter Six, page 2 of 5)

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Yes, she had and how has she done that?

Flicker's eyes tracked over to the metallic combination of indestructible parts that served as her makeshift hand. First she had saved her brother and then perhaps the world, then Asia, then both of her brothers and now she could add her man to the growing list. There were certainly reasons to be grateful for her cursed state of being.

Her recent successes did make it more bearable to be as she was. Bearable, as long as Utah wanted her anyway. If he rejected her she didn't know what she'd do.

Utah was starting to wake up and she watched the progression to conscious awareness completely fascinated. His hand shifted and squeezed one of her bottom cheeks firmly, which caused her smile to come back out. His eyes abruptly shot open and his hand quickly moved away, "Sorry about that!"

Flicker almost told him to put his hand back, because she already missed the warmth of it and the sense of connection there had been between them, but "Good morning" was all she said.

"Good morning." I said in response feeling somewhat embarrassed of myself. She didn't seem to mind where my hand had been, if her smile was anything to go by.

We both quickly got ready and I watched with real fascination, as she stepped into the lose pile of body armor. She pressed two fingers together from opposite hands and an electric spark snapped visibly. Immediately the loose armor snaked up her body by passing over her lower legs to snugly enfold her in its protective shell.

"Is that stuff bulletproof?" I asked curious to know.

"For the most part."

"I bet its snake proof." I said with envy to be heard in my voice.

She just smiled and started out at a more relaxed pace than yesterday, which I was grateful for. We talked along the way and when we reached my concealed Jeep five hours later I was kind of hoping that we hadn't, because it meant that we would part ways now.

I stared at the jeep hating it in a way, "So like I was saying this was part one of a four-part process. I'll be frank about it. I really need your help with this mission and beyond that I'd really like to spend more time with you."

I studied her, as she enigmatically gazed at me. I was unsure of what she would do and fully aware that I couldn't make up her mind for her. She was free to do as she pleased.

It was with relief that I saw her extend her hand out to me along with the words that she spoke, "I'd really like to spend more time with you too. What do you say to being partners?"

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