Agent on the Run (Chapter Six, page 1 of 5)

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Flicker's eyes blinked open. She took a moment to collect her thoughts and then smiled, as she remembered last night. The sound of heavy breathing with a hint of a snore to it had her turning her head to the other side. Utah was asleep on his side beside her and with a quirk of an eyebrow her eyes traced down his top arm to where his hand lay splayed across her bottom possessively.

Well he'd been telling the truth about his fascination with that area of her body anyway, she thought to herself with a little grin. It was nice to know that even being half the woman that she was that she could still attract a man, a good man.

Why he was so interested in her she couldn't fathom, but he was and she certainly wasn't going to dissuade him. This was a dream come true for her. She had wanted Utah ever since that night when the Code had fallen and she had regained her freedom.

Something about the man, who her brother and several others had to restrain from returning to his fallen friend had called out to her in a deeply emotional way. Beyond that there had been a physical connection upon eyesight and now here he was and he thought that she was hot.

The smile fell off her face. A bitter urge for the impossible rose up in her. She wished…….

She wished she had a pair of toned calves and sweetly formed feet that she could have sashayed up to him in a pair of high heels with real fingers to have reached out and felt the texture and warmth of his skin. She wished that she was whole!

A single bitter tear coursed down her cheek, as she lay watching him sleep. She had to get a grip on herself. Life wasn't a fairytale, as well she knew and what she needed to do now was realize all the many ways that things could be worse than they were.

She knew the truth of that, but still she wished she could have been more whole for this man than the odd collection of parts and scars that she was made up of. Surely it must almost be a sacrifice for a perfect man like him to be with a woman like her?

He didn't seem to think that way though. He had given so unselfishly of himself last night. She'd never felt so physically relaxed since the day she had awoken a monster. She wanted to give him something back in return, but what?

"You gave him back his life did you not?"

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