Agent on the Run (Chapter Five, page 3 of 8)

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Flicker stared at me out of a pair of shocked blue eyes and almost reflexively she touched a lock of her hair with a metallic finger. She glanced at the shifting interplay of her metallic fingers and then back at me, as if she couldn't understand something.

I handed her a piece of her hard earned fruit and then I put the meat onto skewers to cook over the fire, as she silently ate her fruit all the time watching me. I watched her in return, as much as she watched me. We both seemed curious in some way about each other.

When the meat was done we ate until we were full, gorging on both the meat and the exotic fruit. In some ways I don't think I'd ever tasted anything that had the quality of the meal that we shared together.

I'd seen a small stream over to the left of us before dark and digging in my pack I found a bar of soap and pulling it out I walked off into the dark, as she continued to watch me. Out of view of the campsite I slipped off my clothes and gratefully washed the sweat and grime of the past several days off. I washed my shirt off to, but I left my pants alone.

I headed back to the fire bare-chested. As I stepped into the light she glanced up at me with the same desiring gaze, as Jane Worthy had. Here were two white women without any racial hang-ups. I wished I could say the same of myself.

I hadn't been interested in Jane, but Flicker……

I had never seen white skin look so good on someone before and I had certainly never imagined pledging myself to a person of her color. One just never knew the path you would take in life, until it occurred sometimes. I did know that I didn't have a single regret, as I looked down at her now.

Flicker's face flushed rosy and she glanced away. I knelt down by my pack and gazed at her intently, until she met my eyes.

"That suit looks……. Comfortable." I added tongue-in-cheek.

She snorted and gave me a dirty look to which I responded by chuckling.

"Why don't you take it off?" I suggested softly.

She gave me a quick nervous look and to keep the mood light I quickly added, "Unless of course you're afraid of me taking advantage of you."

Her fingers flexed and a small smile played about her mouth, even as I smiled fully at her. She could rip me apart without half trying and we both knew it.

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