Agent on the Run (Chapter Five, page 2 of 8)

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I was downright honest with my Creator for a moment, "I want her. Do you have any objections to me staking a claim on her?"

There was no answer on the slight breeze or in the quiet corridors of my heart. I'd take that as a no, until further notice.

No that wasn't right.

I looked back up into the early night sky, "Sorry about that. I promised You my commitment, as a single man, until the day you provided me a wife, with the understanding that that day might never come. I humbly would like to know, is she the one? I can't live without You Jesus in my life, but I can live without her and my commitment is to You. Can I take this relationship any farther?" To my shame I guess I really wasn't expecting an answer again, but I got one.

"You may. Be kind to her. I will bless the union, even as I am eager to grant the desires of a faithful servant to come to pass. Share your faith with her and give her the hope that she lacks and accept her as she is and love her even as I always have."

At some point I'd fallen to my knees and the words spoken to me registered with a Divine weight and a corresponding responsibility. I stayed on my knees for quite a while. This was going to be a big change in my life. The change I had been hoping to experience for a long time.

It was fully an hour later when Flicker returned with a taper already skinned and gutted. The sight of it got my stomach churning in anticipation. I started butchering it and was further surprised, when Flicker upended a small pack she wore and rare tropical fruit tumbled out in abundance.

I picked one of the odd looking fruits up and took a bite. I'd never had anything that tasted like this before. The fruit had flavor beyond belief!

"Do you like it?" Flicker asked.

I glanced at her, "I love it, but you shouldn't have gotten it. You must of had to climb the tallest of trees to get fruit like this."

Her eyes averted away slightly, "It was nothing."

I reached out to touch her shoulder and her eyes flashed back to me startled, "You could have fallen easily. Even you with your extra abilities would be hard-pressed to survive such a fall."

Her look was defensive, "What do you care?"

"I care very much. You helped save the world with what you did at the tower in Africa a year ago and today you saved my life and besides either of those two notable things you're an amazingly gifted and beautiful woman and a lot more should be said of you than that you fell to your death, while picking fruit in the forest canopy of an obscure area of an Amazonian jungle."

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