Agent on the Run (Chapter Five, page 1 of 8)

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Fireside Attraction

A rest stop would've been good. Lunch would have been better. A lot of things involving rest, food and water would've been good, but super tracker just kept going on relentlessly. I'd been panting practically the whole time in my effort to keep up with her and my sides were beginning to really hurt along with everything else. This was turning out to be the boot camp march from hell.

To take my mind off the effort and pain of keeping up with her I thought on the mystery that was her and why I was so overcome by her. The attraction part was easy, she was stunningly beautiful, but was she fully human or was I forming an attraction to something not real?

She looked pretty real to me. The shifting supple grace of her body in front of me was harmony itself. Her robotic arms and legs moved seamlessly along with the rest of her in effortless power over the uneven terrain. The arms became real at just above the elbow and her legs became real just above her knees. Perhaps she was missing some of the original parts, but what she still had was all the torment I could handle.

All day I'd wished that the armor suit she wore wasn't so skintight, while the other half of me had reveled in how tight it was. Either way it hadn't made running any easier all day I grimly acknowledged to myself. I found myself liking her blonde hair too, which was odd, as I'd never really cared for white women or blondes before.

Her pace started to slow, as we came into a clearing in the higher part of the jungle where there was more bare rock and less vegetation. "We stay here tonight." She said simply, as she came to a stop.

"Sounds good!" I huffed out quickly, as I stumbled to a stop bending over to take the pressure off my sore lungs.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a small quirky grin briefly light up her face. It was clear to me that she was having fun at my expense. Not such the stoic robot after all. Actually there was very little roboticness about her other than what could be seen. She was very much a real life person outfitted with some rather alien looking appendages, but human all the same.

"I'll go get us some food why'll you make a fire." She said.

I nodded and watched her head off into the darkness not liking for her to be out there alone in the dark, but in all truth the jungle had more to fear of her then the other way around. I glanced around the still clearing and then up into the heavens.

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