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Chapter 2

But then in the distance a spot of light caught her eye. Soon the spot of light became a knight in silver armor riding on top of a horse so white she could barely make it out in the snow. The knight stopped beneath the tower and looked up. "Greetings fair maiden," the knight said. "I am Sir Francis-"

A knock on the front door tore Molly Brigham from her story. She left the rag dolls on the floor as she ran to the door. No one had visited in two weeks, not since the big storm. Mama Becky said they couldn't go outside to see what had happened; it was too dangerous for a little girl out there. "I'm not little," Molly told her. She turned five years old next week and Aunt Samantha had promised she could go to school with the others in the spring.

Molly almost screamed when she answered the door and saw two faceless people clad in layers of mismatched clothes. Then one of the people took off a scarf to reveal Aunt Samantha. "Hello Molly," Aunt Samantha said. "How's your mom?"

"She's still asleep. You want to play dollies with me?"

"I would love to, but not right now. I have to talk with your mom about some important things first."

"All right," Molly said.

Aunt Samantha came in and sat down by the fire along with the other person, who took off her hat to reveal Aunt Prudence. She mumbled a greeting to Molly; Aunt Prudence never talked much to Molly and always had a pained expression like someone was pinching her. Most of the time, though, she came armed with little presents like a new rag doll or a pretty new dress. "Did you bring me anything?" Molly asked her.

"Not today, dear," Aunt Prudence said. She looked down at the nightgown that now only went to Molly's knees. "You'll have to come in the shop so I can measure you for new clothes."

"You are growing like a weed," Aunt Samantha said. She patted Molly's head. "Your hair looks so pretty."

"Mama curled it yesterday. She said I had a rat's nest on my head. She brushed out the tangles, but I didn't cry once."

"That's my girl," Aunt Samantha said. She took off her boots and then stood up from the fireplace. "Think you can wake your mom up so we can talk to her?"

"Of course I can," Molly said. She hurried off to Mama Becky's room. Mama Becky slept on her side, facing away from Molly. She shook Mama Becky and said, "Mama, wake up. Aunt Samantha and Aunt Prudence are here. Mama. Mama." She kept repeating the word and shaking Mama Becky until Mama Becky rolled over. She lay there, staring up at the ceiling until Molly climbed onto her tummy. "Morning, Mama."

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