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Chapter 2

Long ago in the peaceful kingdom of Dublin, the good King Daniel and Queen Margaret ruled with kindness and fairness to everyone. That is until the evil Lord Pryde showed up on the doorstep of the king and queen during the celebration for the royal couple's new daughter. Always one to show mercy to strangers, the king allowed Lord Pryde to stay for the feast.

After the roast boar was served on silver plates for everyone, King Daniel stood up to make a toast for the new princess. As he was about to speak, Lord Pryde stood up to interrupt him. "Your kingdom and all its riches will now be mine," Lord Pryde said. With that, he raised his arms and everyone in the castle fell asleep.

Everyone except the newborn princess in her crib lined with pink velvet. Though just a baby, she could sense something terrible had happened. She cried and cried for her mommy and daddy, but they never came.

Seeing the baby girl's plight, the child's guardian angel swooped down from Heaven to appear beside the crib. "Someday, when you're old enough, you'll come back to this place and take what's rightfully yours," the angel said to the girl. The angel scooped the girl up and carried her off to the distant island of Eternity, leaving her in the care of a girl named Rebecca.

Rebecca named the girl Molly and raised her as her own. She never told Molly about her royal parents or the angel watching over her. She let Molly grow up like every other child on Eternity. But Molly knew she was special. Even when the others made fun of her for being too little, it didn't matter. One day she would find her real parents and show them all.

Then the moment the angel and Rebecca feared most came to pass: Lord Pryde found young Molly. Though Molly wasn't a baby anymore, Lord Pryde knew she was the daughter of King Daniel and Queen Margaret. As long as she was free, he couldn't unlock the treasures of Dublin.

So he took her away kicking and screaming from Rebecca and locked her up in a tower too high for anyone to climb. Molly spent day after day in the dark tower with nothing to do except play with two cats. One was skinny with black fur that she called Samantha. The other was very fat with orange fur that she called Prudence. These weren't ordinary cats; they could speak to Molly and sing to her at night when she got lonely.

Years and years went by in the tower. Molly's beautiful red hair grew so long that it wound around the room like a snake. Outside the window in the tower, snow covered the once-green hills and the blue lakes had turned to ice. Molly sighed as she gazed out the window. "I'm never going to get out of here," she said. Not even the cats could cheer her up by singing her favorite song-"I Got You Babe."

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