When You Were Young (Chapter 5, page 2 of 4)

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Chapter 5

She wobbled to her feet, pressing a hand against the side of the crib for balance. Then she reached out to grab the lip of the crib's side. She tried to push herself over the side, but despite her best efforts couldn't get more than an inch off the mattress. She tried again, groaning and straining with her little muscles. She managed to get her booties another inch off the mattress.

Exhausted, she collapsed to the mattress, banging her head against the side of the crib. The pain of this, compounded by her headache, brought tears to her eyes. She couldn't do it. She was too fat and too weak to pull herself out. There has to be another way, she thought. If she could find something to stand on then it would be easier. But in looking around the crib she saw only the doll and a blanket.

"Hewp me!" she squeaked, her voice echoing in the crib. "Hewp me pwease."

Becky's face loomed over her a moment later. "Mommy, what's wrong? Are you hungry?" Becky sniffed the air. "Oh, I see, Mommy's peed herself."

"Becky, hewp me. Get me out of here."

"Now Mommy I know you're excited about today, but it's not time to get up yet." Becky reached into the crib, pressing the doll into Samantha's hands. "You and your dolly go back to sleep and later you can go out and play."

"Becky, pwease-"

"Mommy, if you don't stop being so fussy I'll have to give you a spanking. You go back to sleep right now, young lady."

"But, I'm not a baby-"

"I know. You're a big girl today. Three years old. That means I'm positively ancient."

"I'm not twee-" she was interrupted by Becky reaching into the crib to pinch one of her cheeks until she winced.

"I forgot how fat you used to be. You looked so much better then with those apple cheeks and dimples. I think this time I'm going to keep you that way. You'll be Mama's cute big-boned girl," Becky said.

"Becky, pwease, you have to wet me out. Joseph poisoned me. I have to find my body."

Becky laughed at this. "Kids say the darndest things." She pinched Samantha's nose with her thumb and forefinger. "Joseph didn't do anything to you and I can assure you this is no dream. Remember this?" She held up a vial of glowing water.

"The fountain. How couwd you?"

"Oh, we'll get to all that later. We're going to have the whole rest of our lives together. Or the rest of your life anyway. I plan to live a good long time after I tire of you."

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