Second Chance Romance (Chapter 9, page 1 of 11)

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Chapter 9

Mandy woke with a start. She wasn't alone in bed. She was snuggled against a large warm body. And not under any blankets. Not Colton, she thought sleepily. She raised her head and looked at the body next to her. Kip. Her mind struggled for details as she glanced at him, there wasn't even sunlight coming in through the curtains. The details of the evening filtered back to her as she rolled onto her side, wanting to savour the moment.

She all but fell asleep on poor Kip while they sat in the living room. Conversation had flowed for a while, but eventually she just snuggled into him and let his even breathing and his heartbeat lull her.

At some point he carried her up to bed. He set her down on the floor. And said something like, "I wish I could be that guy who undresses you, but I don't have the ambition." To which she replied, "Stay with me."

"I won't fall asleep here," he said. But obviously he had. Damn her habit of waking early, it had been one of the most peaceful sleeps she'd had in a while.. She eased herself away from his body, hoping she could get out of bed without waking him.

He stirred when her body came off the bed. "Mandy?"

"Sleep, it's early still."

He sat up. "I have to get up. I have practice. Breakfast."

"Right." She sat back down on the bed. She could easily get used to waking up in his bed. Sharing breakfast. Maybe sharing a shower. She grinned in the dark.

"It's 6:20," he said. "I need coffee, a shower. I did buy breakfast foods."


"Eggs, cereal." He was silent. "Bacon."

"Pancake mix?" she asked. "I could whip us up a batch. Colton and I usually do on the weekends."

"Yeah, I'm sure I threw that in as well. If not, we'll do it tomorrow okay?"

She followed him down the stairs. He pulled some coffee beans out of the freezer, while Mandy looked through his cupboards. "Hope you don't mind if I look," she threw over her shoulder.

"My home is yours." And there was that flip flop again. She needed to get out of here soon before her heart set itself on staying.

She found the pancake mix, but no bowl large enough to mix a batch in. She looked at him, laughing all ready.


"You have no mixing bowls. Do you even having a frying pan?"

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