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Chapter 6

Third time really was the charm, Mandy thought as she rushed through the house to get changed. Once because of weather and once because of a surprise practice her dinner with Kip had been changed. Her old car refused to move out from the school parking lot at the end of the day. His regular sitter, June, was watching Colton for the evening, much to Colton's happiness as June's kids had gotten a new video game system for Christmas. She told Mandy to have a nice evening with her "old friend" which was all Mandy had been telling people.

It wasn't a date. Not a date with someone she was once in love with. Not a date with someone she still may harbour feelings for. She called him as she climbed on the bus to get home. He picked up on the second ring, "Problems?" Holy cow. He'd known it was her. Her number was programmed into his cell phone, of course. She forced herself to take a deep breath. Slow down, it was just Kip. It was just dinner.

"Of course, I told you. My car is busted down. I got it towed, but it'll be a few days and I'm stuck taking the bus. Which I've done before, but I hadn't planned on it."

"No problem. Go home, get changed. Do you want to meet later as planned? Or do you want me to pick you up?"

And that was how he got her home address. She really hadn't planned on that happening. Now as she ran through the house to get changed the called Sophia. "Uh hey, I'm going out with Kip Turner. What should I wear?"

"Jeans and a blouse. Casual dressy. And stop thinking of it as a date."

"Right, not a date. I've been saying that all day." It just hadn't been sticking to her mind. She couldn't help it. "Jeans and a blouse." She pulled things out of her drawers, discarding them in her mind as she went.

"Where are you meeting him?"

"He's picking me up," Mandy squeaked out like a coward.

"What?" the word exploded in her ear. "How did that happen?"

"My car is broke down. And I called to say I'd be late and he said, 'I could come pick you up'. And I was weak. I hate the bus. I hate the bus at night."

"What's the status on my tickets?"

"Sophia, focus. Please." Oh god, oh god. She pulled a deep blue blouse off of a hanger and put it on. It was her favorite blouse. She looked great in it. She really needed to feel great tonight.

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