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Chapter 8

Mandy parked in the driveway as per Kip's instructions. She checked the address again. It was the one he'd given her. She took a deep breath and then turned and looked at Colton in the back seat. "We're here Cole." He was busy playing his video game. He did hear her though, because he opened his door and got out, without even pausing the game.

Shaking her head, Mandy exited the car. Her heart was beating double time. Instead of focusing on her nerves, she turned her attention to the house. Fuck it was huge. The garage alone looked like it was the size of her entire house, square footage wise. Mandy sucked in a breath of cool air. Colton was already up the front steps, so she followed him. She was only on the second when the door opened.

There was Kip. He looked like an excited school boy. Mandy's heart did a backflip in her chest. He hustled them in the house, giving her an one-armed hug. "Hi guys. How are you?"

"Hi Kip. Good, the drive was good." When Colton stood there pushing buttons frantically, Mandy felt her annoyance rise. "Colton, pause, say hi and take off your boots before you step off this rug."

Colton glared at her. Then he looked up at Kip with a big smile. "Hi Kip. I brought my Lego."

Kip, to his credit, didn't blink. He rubbed Colton's hair. "Sounds good buddy. Make yourselves at home."

Colton looked at Mandy as he took off his boots. "Can I play now?"

Mandy nodded. "Yeah. Go find a place to sit."

"I'll show him where," Kip said. Colton followed Kip, leaving Mandy alone in the entryway. All she could see was neutral painted walls, like they had been painted yesterday. A light coloured hard wood floor went up three steps and around a corner. To her right was a closet. Mandy took off her boots and opened the closet. Coats. She put her and Colton's shoes inside and then worked on hanging up her jacket.

Kip returned holding Colton's coat. "Thanks," Mandy said, reaching for it. The weariness of travel and a work week hit her as she stood there.

He held it out of her reach. "I'll do it. You are my guest." He pulled her against him. "Colton told me I could kiss you, just not in front of him." He kissed her cheek.

Mandy snorted. "It's been a long week."

Kip let her go and hung the jacket. "Relax, please. I've only been living in this house for a few months. And I'm hardly ever home. That's why it looks perfect still. I wish someone would make it look lived in."

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