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Chapter 2

Kip glared at the computer screen. 1 pending friend request, and three new added friends. He knew exactly who was still pending. Mandy Green. He wanted to scream with frustration at her. Was she deliberately playing with him? Was she harbouring a grudge for his not keeping in contact all these years? That was what she said she wanted. A clean break would be best for them both.

Of course, women were irrational like that.

Was she married? A gaggle of kids? He'd heard once from someone back home that she had a kid and she was a teacher in Alberta. But, pressing gained no specific whereabouts. Of course, he hadn't had the courage to call her mother and ask. Her mother loved him, but here he was scared to phone the woman.

An hour later, as he was playing video games, he moved from annoyance with her, into annoyance with himself. He shouldn't have lost contact with her all those years ago. He should have kept track better. He shouldn't have left in the first place.

He dropped the controller on the floor. That thought warranted some thought. Which was the greater life goal-marrying the love of a dream versus having the career of a dream?

He ran his hands through his hair. This was a stupid train of thought. It wasn't like if he decided Mandy was more important he could go back and do it all over again. He'd taken this path. Maybe it wasn't the perfect one. God knows he'd has his bad years. And there was his lack of relationship throughout the years. He'd dated, but being traded every few years wasn't really conducive to making a lasting relationship.

He turned off his gaming console. Truthfully his lifestyle was just an excuse. No, he wasn't going to think about all the stupid, mother fucking what ifs right now. He checked the clock, he had an early skate in the morning, but he wasn't tired.

Wandering around his new house, he felt lost. He had all the toys he could buy. There were four bedrooms in the house, all filled with beautiful furniture. He had hired an interior decorator, trained in Feng Shui, so all his Chi was flowing the right directions and the colours didn't clash. He had spared no expense in making his new house a home.

He hadn't really moved into a house before. When he was traded to Calgary, he suddenly felt the urge to settle in somewhere. A place he could return to, retreat to on his few off days and during the summer. The off-season. He wasn't sure why this city felt like home, but it did suddenly. So after careful searching he bought a house that he truly liked, decorated it, filled it with new things. Everything he'd ever dreamed of having. Not that he'd dreamed of much. His dad had given anything he wanted as long as he played well on the ice. And that wasn't much of an issue.

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