Second Chance Romance (Chapter 5, page 1 of 4)

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Chapter 5

Mandy blinked herself awake on Christmas morning. Colton was shouting from the living room. It was still dark as she reached for her glasses. It was after 7 at least this year. She wrapped her robe around her body and went out to the living room.

Colton had the contents of his stocking dumped on the floor, and he was holding his Santa present high above his head while he cheered.

"Wow, what a racket," Mandy said. Colton stopped bouncing and hugged her hard. "Good morning." She kissed the top of his head.

"Is it time is it time?"

"Just let me find the camera. And turn on the light."

Mandy sat on the sofa and snapped pictures of her son as he tore open his presents. Hours of wrapping came off in about twenty minutes time, and Colton was left sitting amidst a pile of torn paper and boxes. There were clothes from each set of grandparents. Santa brought a new video game for his hand held, that was practically glued to his hand. Eric had sent money.

And then there was Kip's present. He had sent them each something, she didn't know how he'd found the time. Colton had received a puck, which had a note saying it was from his first game with the Flames. There was also a transformer in the box.

"Mom, you haven't opened anything," Colton said, sounding exasperated. Mandy bit back her laughter.

"No, I was too busy watching you. Will you bring mine to me?"

"Yes, but you have to get me the camera so I can take pictures of you too."

"Ah yes of course." Mandy waited until her presents were stacked around her, before handing over the camera.

She slowly tore at the paper, until Colton glared at her, hand on his hip, "Come on, rip it." Mandy rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue.

But she complied, ripping open her presents. Clothes and clothes from her parents. Colton's sitter, June had taken him to buy her a present, a latest CD from her favorite band.

She held the small gift from Kip in her hand, for just a moment. Then before Colton could comment she opened it. Inside a beautiful box was a pen in the shape of a hockey stick. She lifted the pen out of the box to show Colton, when she noticed something else. There underneath was a set of pictures from a photo booth featuring them in all their eighteen-year old glory. When she lifted it out of the box she found another set underneath.

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