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Chapter 9

He pulled the company truck two houses away from Nanna's house. He would have pulled closer, but the police and ambulance were blocking the middle of the street.

They both looked at each other wondering what was going on until they both saw Nanna being carried on a stretcher and placed in the ambulance. An ESO was on top of her pumping her chest to resuscitating her. Before he could stop her, Nicole was jumping out the truck and running towards the ambulance, but the police stopped her. She demanded to get inside the ambulance, but the double doors closed and the police still held her back. The ambulance took off for the hospital with Nanna inside.

Nicole wailed her pain for her grandmother.

Looking through the crowd toward the house, she saw Marvin and Lynne standing there signing some papers for an officer then he walked away.

Ethan watched from the truck her heading towards the house and gripped the steering wheel wondering if he should get out the car to join her. To follow her meant letting Lynne and Marvin know of his involvement with Nicole, but he wasn't sure if he wanted them to know yet. Would Nicole be hurt enough when she found out? Would Nicole's pain be worth it all? Damn his guilty conscious, when did that start coming into play in his quest for the ultimate revenge against his now ex-wife?

He waited and watched.

Nicole went straight up to Marvin and shoved him with all of her might and anger she had inside of her. "What did you do?" she demanded to know. "What did you do to her?"

Marvin grabbed her arms to keep her from hitting him in the chest. "If you were here then you would know what happened. Nanna had a relapsed."

"Relapse? You're lying! You tried to kill her didn't you."

"If you weren't running off then maybe Nanna would be fine."

"I ran off to save my life."

"You ran off to find your lover, you selfish bitch."

She backhanded him with all her might and she wasn't sorry about it.

Lynne stepped up quickly between them seeing Marvin bawling up his fist to hit Nicole back. "Maybe we should calm down," she insisted.

They glared heatedly at each other, both knowing the truth as to why she ran away. His eyes glared her to speak the truth.

"I think we all need to get inside," Lynne suggested.

Nicole broke eye contact with Marvin and glared at her mother. "I think you ought to tell the police exactly what he did to Nanna. Don't you care one bit about her? She was your mother. Your flesh and blood. The only one who cared about your selfish horrible self was Nanna because I don't care whether you live or died. I wish you were dying. I wish you had the bad heart because you don't deserve to live another day!"

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