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Chapter 2

Byron knocked on the glass for the third time. "What the hell is wrong wit' ya girl?" he snapped.

Cleo came to her defense from behind her. "Shut up and git your change elsewhere ya big bully."

Bryon's beady little brown eyes gave Cleo a "why-don't-you-shut-your-mouth" glare. "Cause I can get it here, whore."

Being called a whore didn't bother Cleo. "Don't you read asshole?" She pointed to the sign above Nicole's head, which read, "NO CHANGE OVER TEN." Marvin had instilled that ruled because some of the cashier's were being short changed by changed artist.

Byron looked directly at Nicole. "Give me the change, Nick, or I'll tell your brother you've been giving out favors like your whore friend does."

Nicole took the twenty he slid under the bullet proofed glass and changed it out quickly in the drawer. When she set the bills back under the glass, Cleo grabbed two dollars.

"Give me my money, whore," Byron ordered pounding on the glass.

Cleo giggled. "That's change cashing fees, asshole." She threw the bills in the tip cup by the glass. "Now get your scrawny self out our face."

He hit the glass with his fist one last time before walking away.

"What's gotten into you, Nicole?" Cleo asked.


"You've been staring at page two of that book for the past hour and there's nothing wrong. Is your uncle pestering you again?"

Nicole blushed looking over at Cleo. The woman had worked here for the past year. This was her second job next to working at KFC across the street in the afternoons. She had six kids and paid the bills however she could. Cleo was in her late twenties, but she looked older from smoking and driving heavily all her life. Her smoky black eyes with a red-yellow hue around them seemed old and dull, while her nappy short hair she kept in a low bleached blonde afro seemed weary. There was a girth about her from all the bastards she had produced, but that didn't stop the men from coming in real late at night and putting a twenty in the money slot when she worked the window.

All Cleo would say is, "I'm going on break, Nicole," as she stuffed the twenty in her blue jean pocket and went out onto the floor. The man would follow her into the women's bathroom and for twenty minutes, Cleo would get their rocks off.

When Nicole asked her what exactly do she do to those men, Cleo went in detail about her oral escapades. "If I want more money, I hold their balls when their good and tight and I ask them if they want to fuck me for twenty more. Most say yes and I give them a good ride while they sit on the toilet, then I don't let them come in me, but I put it back in my mouth and spit it out in the toilet after they come. They think it's good."

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