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Chapter 3

There was a letter from the school she was getting her degree out of.

Dear Ms. Gray, You are well on your way to earning your GED and certificate in Bookkeeping. We are proud to note you have a 4.0 GPA and only one course left for both your majors.

The letter went on to note what she received on her last paper and test assignments. Quickly she scanned the letter until she got to the end.

Due to your rapid success in the program, we must request that you send in the final payment before we send you the last of your lessons. The amount of $1000 is needed to complete this process. This cost also contains your graduating certificates and references needed, plus the rest of the supplies and books.

Where was she going to get that kind of money from? She only had eight hundred saved because she didn't expect to finish the course so quickly. Marvin would know if she tried to get any money and she didn't want to get thrown in a closet again for taking any money like she did before even though the check was in her name. Marvin wasn't stupid when it came to money matters and he kept track of every dime that went in and out of the house and business.

#### Getting in on her shift the next day, she looked over the books while the other cashier ran the window. As usual, Marvin had been making withdrawals out the bank account and this made her short on supplies. His withdrawals were becoming larger and larger, so she decided to pay off the bills two months in advance writing a note that something had bounced due to his withdrawals and payments were requested like this until after the New Year. Nanna had said she was drawing up new power attorney papers and would make her sole heir.

As much as Nicole cared about the business, she cared about Nanna more. She didn't want her grandmother to go away.

At nine, Cleo's oldest daughter of fourteen called to let her know, that her mother had to rush the youngest child of one to the hospital because of an ear infection and it would be doubtful if Cleo could come in. Nicole knew if Marvin was told he'd tell her to fire Cleo because this was her fourth time calling out in this month. Instead, she decided to work the shift. It would be slow on a Wednesday night so she didn't have anything to really worry about. She asked the other cashier to stay for an extra hour while she got herself something to eat, then she let the girl go.

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