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Chapter 3

Two weeks later, Cleo came in at ten as usual but she looked pretty excited as if she had won a million dollars.

"What's your problem?" Nicole questioned, peeking up from her books.

"I found out that someone bought the two houses next to me."


"I don't know, but I like new neighbors."

Cleo just lived two blocks away from the Laundromat. It was great walking distance but she insisted on driving her car. Nicole's house was about nine blocks away. A nice hike except when it was cold out and visibility was shit. Cleo had been complaining of the horrible conditions of the houses next to her for the longest and her kids couldn't play outside because homeless people, drug dealers and users always occupied the open homes illegally.

"This morning just as I was crawling into bed after dropping the kids off to school, I heard this awful pounding and I went outside to cuss whoever was making the racket off. This man was there and he was from some construction company. They were closing up the houses so they can stop the draft so they can start working on them. He asked me when do I sleep and I told him. He was the nicest white man I've ever met. He told me that he's making sure they didn't do any heavy construction during those times."

"That's great. Now the kids can get out your hair."

"I hope so. He said he's going to put a security fence around the property so no one will be breaking in and not to worry because at night someone would be looking in on the houses and if I wanted, they could watch over my place too."

"Who is this man?"

"I don't know."

"What construction company?"

"I don't know."

Nicole decided to not question her anymore becoming frustrated with Cleo's evasive answers.

The night went like usual and after Cleo came from her food and cigarette run, Nicole left. While she was walking home, she had this strange feeling someone was watching her. Hurrying up her step, she got home safely and didn't think anymore about it.

She changed Nanna's sheet and fed her grandmother until the exhausted woman fell asleep. Nanna's breathing was very shallow and Nicole prayed at her grandmother's beside that hope for a new heart would come soon. Losing the only person in the world to care for her, would be devastating.

After coming Nanna's stringy hair, she went out to the garage where she knew the student she tutored had left any assignments or letters about her reports.

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