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Chapter 1

Ethan had hired a detective to investigate Lynne's past and he had found out a great deal of information on his wife. Nanna had had two daughters, Ecole and Lynne who were twins. Ecole had been a very bright child, while Lynne was lazy and slow. Ecole had graduated four years early from middle school and completed high school in a year then went on to college. She married at the age of sixteen to Marvin Clark, but then she died having a child at the age of seventeen. Marvin was only eighteen and since he had no other family he stayed with Nanna to help her with the business. Although from the reports, he was more like Lynne ­very lazy, but Nanna had no one else to help her.

Meanwhile, at the age of thirteen, Ethan found out that Lynne had a daughter out of wedlock. No one was sure who the father was, but Lynne didn't care about the child. Nanna ordered Lynne to have the child and give the parental rights to Nanna. Lynne obeyed, but soon after the child was born, Lynne left the house for New York to pursue a modeling career.

Ethan had found her there when he had attended a building convention in the city five years ago working as an escort to an upscale place. She was great in bed and he convinced her to come back to Detroit and lived with him in the outskirts of the city in Auburn Hills. He had a large house in Detroit, but never used it because he never liked living in the city.

Even with his powerful stamina, which he was very famous for, it wasn't enough to satisfy his insatiable wife. She seemed to crave men and he found out through the detective that when he was away at work, she was having two to three trysts a day. Sometimes they were with more than one man. Realizing this sickened him and he knew he would never have any emotions for his wife for the rest of his life.

This meant also that he could divorce her and she wouldn't get a dime of his money because of the prenuptial agreement his father had her sign. There were pictures, receipts, notes, and witnesses that could attest that Lynne had not been faithful to Ethan.

Yet, this wasn't what pissed Ethan off the most.

Finding his wife making love to his own brother in Ethan's bed was what had pushed him to the limit. He was in the opinion his father planned it, by sending his son home early from a Upper Peninsular job two days early.

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