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Chapter 5

Nicole nodded. Opening the papers, she filled out the appropriate information for Nanna, then put the pen in her grandmother's hands and put the document where Nanna could sign and date the appropriate lines.

When Nanna finished, she ordered Nicole to place the document in the secret compartment in the wall Nanna had built before Marvin had first moved in that contained all of Nanna's private documentation. No one knew of it except Nicole. Nanna hadn't even told that shady lawyer Lynne had supplied for free to Nanna for any legal help.

"You'll make peace with your Mother, Nicole," Nanna said quietly as Nicole came to sit back down.

She stiffened. "She's not my mother."

"When my Ecole left for those smart schools when she was twelve, I prayed to the Lord to send me someone who would take the place of her here in my heart. I tried so hard to raise Lynne but everything anyone said to her she did the opposite. Drove your grandfather to an early grave with the stress she put on him. Lynne was rushed to the hospital because of a failed abortion attempt. I ordered her to have the baby and I have never regretted that decision. When you were born and I looked into the same eyes as mine, I knew the Lord was giving me another chance at having a daughter in my life. You got Echols brains and my spirit. That's all you need in this life to make it past the bad elements. Yes, she is your Mother because it takes anyone to be a mother or father, but it takes real women and men to be mommas and daddies."

Nanna always had a way of making things that troubled Nicole makes sense. She was always in tuned with Nicole's emotional health.

"Where is Marvin?" Nanna asked.

"He's at the Laundromat, he he'll be home soon so I can go there for the night shift. A new nurse will be coming to stay by your side."

"When I go home to my Lord, Lewis Kraus will be visited by Armando Bellini, Esquire. Mr. Bellini will deliver several letters to certain persona and you. At this time, Mr. Bellini will read my last will and testament I drew up the day before my last stroke." Deep pain came to Nanna's face and Nicole wasn't sure if it was present or past pain.

The day Nanna had her last stroke she had been at the Laundromat and Marvin had been at home with Nanna at the time. Nicole suspected Marvin of foul play, but it cold never be proved.

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