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Chapter 7

As soon as she closed the door to her home, a hard pain came to the back of her head sending her sprawling to the floor. Turning over and blinking to catch the dizzying room, Marvin stood over her with his fist bawled up. Lynne was holding him back ordering him to give Nicole time to explain herself.

"What?" Nicole asked innocently.

"Where the fuck were you?" he bellowed.

Her heart raced as she tried to get up, but the room was still spinning. "I was at work."

He kicked her in the thigh with his steel toe boots. "You fucking liar." He pushed Lynne away and grabbed Nicole by her hair to drag her in the kitchen. Nicole screamed and held on his arm to decrease the pain in her head. He practically tossed her against the kitchen wall, and then before she could pull herself up, he grabbed her collar and swung her around until she was thrown over the kitchen table and landed on the floor. He came around the table and pinned her down.

Nicole tried to block the blows to her face and chest, but the several that got through hurt so bad she almost gave up in her effort to protect herself.

Lynne shoved him away screaming at him to stop. "You're going to kill her asshole!"

Marvin angrily backhanded her to silence. "If you think she's going to go around and be a fucking tramp like her Mamma, then she's got another thing coming. I'll fucking kill her and you if I catch any man between her legs."

"So you can fuck her for yourself," Lynne sneered. "I wouldn't put it past you Marvin since you fucked your sister."

Marvin raised his fist to slap her again, but Lynne took a glass bowl and knocked him over his head. He fell to the ground out cold.

Nicole crawled to a corner still trying to protect herself as Lynne walked over to her and just stared down at her. "I'm surprised he hasn't raped you already," she sneered and walked out the house grabbing Marvin's keys off the dining room table.

#### Awaking the next morning in her bed, she groaned in pain as she sat up feeling the muscles in her body scream at being moved. She tried the door to her room, but the door was locked. Covering her swollen face with her swollen hands, she sobbed in frustration wondering if and when he would let her out. Once he did, where would she go, who could she run to? No one cared. What about Nanna? Looking about the room, she saw a first aid kit, some cat food and a bucket.

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