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Chapter 10

"I can tell you your options and how high you should go before, but that is about it. Like I said, I'm only here to help Nanna and her best interest."

She should be mad. He was basically telling her unless she laid a wad of money out for him for his services, he wouldn't give her crap, but he was a lawyer. She shouldn't expect much and he was doing his job -looking out for Nanna's best interest.

"Tell me what you think and I will go from there."

Armando smiled assuredly. "You're a pretty smart kid, Nicole. I'm sure you will know what to do when the time comes."

"I'll bet," she snorted. "Because if I mess it up, you'll step in and make sure Nanna's interest are saved right?"

He laughed. "You get the picture. I take my job very serious."

She knew someone else who was serious as well. Both of them got on her last nerve about now.

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