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Chapter 10

Armando looked in his early thirties and she was surprised to know he was younger than that at 27. "I'm the baby of the Bellini family in my generation. I was the youngest child my aunt raised because my mother died in a car accident. She mothered over ten children when I was younger. We don't consider ourselves cousins, or adopted siblings, or friends. We're a close knit family. My brother actually represented your mother's ex-husband in their divorce," he said matter of factly.

"I really don't give a fig about that man," she sneered. "I want to discuss Nanna's options. I don't want to sell."

"She said you wouldn't."

"What else did she say?"

"You'd take care of things and would be the only one to look out for her best interest. I must remind you though receiving Nanna's estate is a big responsibility."


"Your grandfather invested in a lot of older stocks and Nanna's been hording that money like it was a secret. I didn't understand until she explained to me even her daughter is out to ruin her and if they knew about the money she would never have a penny to her name." He called for a waitress to refill their drinks. She opted for orange juice instead of liquor.

Nicole informed him of the large debt owed to Parker Mills.

"I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is you have the money to pay it off, the bad news is in order to get to that money, and Nanna has to either sign for it herself or die so the assets can revert to you. I am only here to make sure her true will is read and letters delivered. I have no power over the money. I know about it though and can even tell you what bank she's got it in, but I can't touch it. You see I usually only work for family members, but my uncle, Antonio Bellini the second owed a favor to your grandfather and Nanna called in that favor when she didn't know anyone else to turn to. Uncle Tony of course came to me and I said I would personally handle the matter because we take favors very seriously. I came here the day before Nanna had the stroke and worked out power of attorney papers and also the new will including a living will as well."

"So I can try to make a deal with Parker Mills, but I'm on my own."

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