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Chapter 3

Hayley stood in the large kitchen of the mansion, watching Mr. Christman, frost a cake. One of her favorite pastimes was observing the expert chef.

"Are you almost finished?" Hayley licked her lips as she dipped her finger in the frosting bowl.

Mr. Christman sighed and shooed her away with his hands.

"I cannot stand to wait!"

"You must! This is not for your consumption." Irritation flared in his eyes.

"For whom are you baking?" She picked up a dishtowel and began cleaning the counter top.

"Mrs. Sommers adores my culinary creations." He spread one last stroke of frosting.

"You are delivering this to Mrs. Sommers?"

"Yes." He eyed the cake as though it was a unique masterpiece.


"Before the party."

"What party?"

"Mr. Sommers' twentieth birthday party."

Hayley had forgotten the special date. "This is his birthday cake?"

"Oh, no! This is only one of the many desserts I have been requested to create. I will also contribute a rich smorgasbord of appetizers."

"Who has been invited?"

"The entire province, I'm sure." He laughed in his peculiar way.

"Did my father get an invitation?"

"Are you not asking whether you have been invited?"

"If my father is invited, then I am invited."

"You are invited when and only when the invitation is inscribed with your name."

"Nevertheless, I am confident my name is on the invitation and my father has not had time to share it with me."

"Perhaps you should inquire and leave me to my duties."

Hayley was confident the invitation would not bear her name.

_ _

"Hayley!" Her father called out. She laid the dishcloth down on the counter and quickly left the kitchen.

"Coming Father." She rushed through the parlor door and found him sitting in his favorite chair. "I was not aware that you were home, Father." He turned and gave her a faint smile.

"Please sit down."

Hayley slowly walked to the couch and sat.

"I have a question for you." He cleared his throat strongly.

Hayley watched him pace the floor, and waited patiently for his words.

"Would you be willing to do a favor for Adelaide Sommers?" She wondered if she had heard him correctly. "I know she does not have an easy disposition."

He lit his pipe.

"Oh, yes, father, I am willing!" She jumped from the chair and rushed to his side.

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