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Chapter 10

Hayley's nostrils recognized the aroma of fresh brewed coffee, before she had opened her eyes. She knew it was still early enough in the morning that her father would still be in the cottage. As she lay in her bed, she heard faint sounds in the kitchen. She decided to dress and find out if she still had time to have breakfast with her father.

As she walked down the hallway, the voices became clear enough to reveal that Maddie and her father were having an intimate conversation. Hayley decided not to enter the room, but stood outside against the wall. Hayley was thankful for the small kitchen area. She would not have to strain to hear their words.

"Perhaps I should speak to Thor." Maddie declared.

"It will do no good! I have already tried to dissuade him, but he is convinced of what is good for you. He chooses not to consider the consequences." Her father ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

"You must persuade him to let me be. If someone finds out, it will spread like wildfire, throughout Kingston and the island."

"I was so dense to let you come here. I never thought he would overhear me mention your visit to one of my men."

"Cedric,please tell him that if he loves me, he must let me live my life as I choose."

Their voices trailed off as they walked through the back door of the kitchen, onto the porch.

Hayley decided she was more hungry for truth. She knew she would have to dig for it. She bounced cheerfully onto the porch announcing her presence.

"Father, would you allow Maddie to take me to the university? I would like to visit the library."

"I suppose it would be fine, if Maddie agrees to it."

Before Maddie could speak, Hayley spoke again.

"She has agreed to it."

"You are full of energy today." He said.

"This is the beginning of the rest of my life. I have so much I want to do." Hayley gave her father a hug. "Will we still be in Kingston for my 18th birthday?"

"I suppose it is possible."

"Perhaps I can stay in Kingston and begin studies, when the new semester begins."

"This is not a good time to discuss it."

"I am sorry, Father, I did not intend to interrupt your conversation with Maddie?"

"We were not discussing anything."

"Perhaps Maddie and I can leave now for the library."

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