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Chapter 9

Once they had reached Kingston, the Lawrence's and Maddie settled into a small cottage. After several days, Hayley ventured out for a walk. She tired of reading the books she had brought. Though she was nervous at the thought of wandering around on her own, there was a sense of excitement that compelled her to ask Maddie not to come with her when she offered.

She decided to go to the wharf and find her father.

She planned to ask him for directions to Queen's University.

_ _

As Hayley approached the wharf, she heard her father's voice from a distance. Shielding her eyes from the sun, she saw two men having an intense conversation. Hayley couldn't understand their words, as both were speaking at the same time. She quickened her pace and watched her father's hands fly about the air as his face glistened with perspiration.


He swung around so quickly he nearly smacked her face with his airborne arm. The look of shock was still on his face as he spoke. "Hayley, go home now, you do not belong here!"

She ignored his words. "Father, why are you and this man arguing?"

"It is not your concern!" They exchanged words in French that Hayley did not understand. Her father became angrier during the exchange.

Hayley grabbed his arm as he raised it to the man. "

Come with me." He ignored her and pulled away.

"Hayley, I told you to leave!"

The other man's voice became calm. "Your daughter is right, we should pursue this discussion another day."

The man wiped his brow and smiled faintly at her.

Mr. Lawrence wore an expression that revealed to Hayley that he had resented her interference. Hayley turned to walk away.

"Miss!" It was the stranger's voice.

Hayley stopped and turned back. The man gave a pleading, pitiful look. "It was nice to meet you."

"Hayley, go home!" Her father sputtered.

She had never seen her father so angry. As she entered the cottage, she rushed to her room and slammed the door. Maddie heard the noise and called out to her. "Hayley? Is everything all right?"

There was no reply. She knocked softly on the door.


"Please leave me alone."

Maddie opened the door. "Did something happen?

Did you find the wharf?"

"Father was fighting with a man there. I asked him to stop arguing, but he shouted at me and told me to leave."

"Your father is having problems at the shipyard and that is why he does not know how long we will be here."

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