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Chapter 5

"I want to go home." Hayley blurted frantically, as she entered the kitchen.

Maddie was busy drying dishes at the sink.

"You cannot go home until Mrs. Sommers dismisses you."

"I must go!" Hayley covered her face, no longer holding back her tears. Maddie rushed to her side, and place an arm around her. "What has happened?"

"Please, Maddie-do not ask me."

"I will ask Mrs. Sommers---."

Hayley panicked. "You must not ask her!"

Maddie rubbed Hayley's arm as she spoke. "Only permission for you to be relieved of your duties."

They heard a male voice from behind them. "Please allow me to take her home."

Maddie looked over Hayley's shoulder and spoke.

"We cannot ask you to leave your party, Mr. Sommers."

Maddie noticed his wet clothes.

"Nonsense, I'll change my clothes and be right back."

Austin left the room.

"Hayley, why are Mr. Sommers' clothes wet?"

As Hayley searched for words, Maddie spoke. "We will not discuss the subject tonight. Go up to my room and stay until I am finished here." Maddie turned Hayley around to face her. "I will be going home tomorrow. I believe you should be able to endure until then."

"Maddie!" Hayley hugged her. "I'm so glad you're coming home!" Maddie cherished the hug for a moment and pulled away to look into Hayley's eyes.

"I wanted it to be a surprise, but yes, Mrs. Sommers has found a permanent housekeeper and no longer needs me."

A favorite giggle of Maddie's poured out from Hayley's mouth. "Father will be so happy to have a real housekeeper!" They embraced again. "I'll go to tell Austin that I'll be staying until you return home."

"I love to see you smile, Hayley."

Hayley walked toward the door, turned and smiled again. "I love you, Maddie."

_ _

Austin picked up Maddie's luggage that laid at Hayley's feet. Hayley looked down at her hands as she was putting on her last glove. Maddie came through the main doorway, onto the porch, escorted by Mrs.


"If you please, I can handle it, Mr. Sommers." Hayley grabbed the luggage from his hand, and not realizing the weight, almost dropped it on her foot. Austin reached for it as Hayley descended the stairs with a frown.

"Quite a feisty little thing," Mrs. Sommers directed to Maddie. "She reminds me of her mother."

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