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Chapter 8

Hayley stayed in bed most of the day. Her father had arrived back from another trip to Kingston. He brought back new books for her, yet she had no desire to read them. Maddie came into her room to check on her. "I see your father has brought you more books".

"I have not been in the mood for reading." Hayley would not look up.

"It appears you have not been in the mood for much of anything."

"I have kept to myself so that you would not be exposed to my dreadful disposition."

"Would you agree to stop brooding long enough to have a conversation?"

"I am not brooding!"

"Would you stop grieving and talk with me?"

"Is there anything worthy of discussion?"

"Tell me what your thoughts have been." Maddie sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed Hayley's arm gently.

"I hate my life!" Hayley huffed.

"You should spend your time thinking positive thoughts."

"I am in no mood for lectures."

"What would you prefer me to say?"

"I wish for you to keep silent and leave me in solitude."

Maddie ignored the comment. "Do you plan to stay in this bed all day?" Hayley did not respond. "If I were in your situation, I would forget about the things I cannot change."

"When the love of your life dashes your hopes and dreams, I will listen to your advice."

"You assume to know my hopes and dreams have never been dashed." Maddie's eyes widened.

"You could not have had someone as special to you as Austin is to me. You have never spoken of anyone so worthy of your affection. Perhaps you are encouraging me to forget him because you cannot bear the thought that someone could have a chance to be happily in love, when it is obvious that you are lacking companionship."

Maddie stood up slowly. "I do not think my life needs to be an open book, before I should be allowed to encourage you with yours."

"Maddie, It was not my intent to be cruel."

"You have asked to be left alone, so I will honor your wishes, before my disposition changes."

"I did not mean that I never want to share my life with you."

"When you want to talk, I am here to listen. Until then, I will keep my opinions to myself concerning your affairs."

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