Who is Horemheb?

AS one result of the Egyptian victories in Asia, Babylonian customs were brought into Egypt, and the worship of Babylonian gods. For a time even the reigning Pharaohs deserted the ancient national religion. The enraged Egyptian priests encouraged a rebellion; and a successful general, Horemheb, seized the throne and re-established the Egyptian faith. In this the most prominent ceremonial, or at least the strangest feature to modern eyes, was the worship of the sacred bull Apis.

The Apis was not worshipped for himself, but as the living body in which for a space the spirit of the sun-god was enshrined. On the death of this sacred bull, the god was supposed to enter another, which was then sought by the priests amid the herds, and was recognized by its peculiar color and markings. When the new Apis was thus discovered, it was led with dancing and feastings to the temple, there to be kept in idleness while it lived and to be mummified at death, and have its body preserved with all the care and ceremony given to the dead Pharaohs themselves. We have here the celebration attending the installation of the restored Apis under Horemheb.

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