Carthaginian general Hamilcar

Having conquered Sicily, Carthage became mistress of all the western Mediterranean, the chief maritime nation of her day, "the ruler of the waves." She then came into conflict with Rome for the mastery of the world. But here ambition overreached itself; the effort was beyond her strength. In the first war between the two powers, the naval supremacy of Carthage was destroyed. On land, however, arose the remarkable Carthaginian general Hamilcar, first of a famous family of generals. Hamilcar proved himself more than a match for any of the Roman leaders who fought against him; and when his country made peace with Rome it was against his wishes and advice. Later he became almost dictator of his country and devoted his life to a plan of vengeance against Rome. He set to work to build up a Carthaginian empire and army in Spain, so that he might turn the power of these against the hated foe.

There had for centuries been wealthy Phoenician cities in Southern Spain; but these had made little effort to extend their dominion over the wild Keltic tribes around them. When Hamilcar came with all the power of the Carthaginian army and its mighty elephants, the barbarian tribes were stunned. They knew not how to fight against these huge beasts, and knelt before them in despair. Later, however, they regained their courage, and only after a long struggle was Hamilcar able to subjugate them. He ultimately won their devoted allegiance to his rule.

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