What is Carthage?

In political power, though not in daring or in intellect, the Tyrians were finally outranked by their own colonists, the people of Carthage, the great city state which fought against Rome for the sovereignty of the world. The Phoenicians were the first nation to start on that career of colonization which our modern European powers have carried to such length. Phoenician cities were planted all around the Mediterranean, though many of them were abandoned when the current of commerce shifted, and towns proved more profitable elsewhere.

Most notable of all these colonies was Carthage. It was founded about eight hundred years before Christ by a large number of Tyrians who left their native city in a body under the leadership of a Tyrian princess. Many legends have been told of that first Queen of Carthage. The Romans called her Dido, and said that she outwitted the natives whose ground she needed for her city, trading with them in true Phoenician spirit for as much land as a bullock's hide would enclose. Then she cut the hide into strips as thin as hairs, and encircled an entire hill and seaport. The Romans said she had brought vast treasures with her from Tyre, and so built her city as a place of splendor from the start, and that she was wooed there by the Roman hero AEneas. When he left her, she was in such despair that she built a funeral pyre of all her possessions, set it aflame, and thus committed suicide.

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