Shahs of Iran

SHAHS OF PERSIA A.D. 1499-Ismail, or Ishmael. 1523-Tamasp or Thamas I. 1576-Ismail II. Murza 1577-Mahommed Murza. 1586-Abbass I. the Great. 1628-Sophi I. 1641-Abbas II. 1666-Sophi II. 1694-Hussein. 17722-Mahmoud, and Afghan chief. 1725-Ashraff, the Usurper. 1727-Tamasp or Thamas II. 1732-Abbas III. 1736-Nadir Kuli. A.D. 1747-Shah Rokh. 1751-(Interregnum). 1759-KUreem Khan. 1779-Many competitors for the throne, and assassinations, till- 1974-Aga-Mohammed obtained the power, and founded the reigning (Turcoman) dynasty. 1797-Futteh Ali Shah. 1834-Mahommed Shah. 1848-Nasr-il-Deen. 1896-Muzaffer-al-Din. 1907-Mohammed Ali. 1909-Ahmed.

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