Phoenician time line

B.C.2750--Founding of Tyre, according to Herodotus. 1590--The Phoenicians are spoken of as battling against the Egyptians. 1500 (?)--The Phoenicians settle Cyprus. 1300--They make commercial treaties with Egypt. 1252--War of Sidon against the Philistines, and possible devastation of Sidon. 1200--Tyre becomes the chief Phoenician city. 1100--Cadiz and other colonies planted on the Atlantic shores. 1020--Abibal, the earliest known king of Tyre. 980--Hiram succeeds him, forms alliance with David, builds up Tyre, forms alliance with Solomon, sends out rich trading expeditions. 887--Eth-baal, the priest-king, seizes the throne, marries his daughter Jezebel to the prince of Israel, Ahab. 876--The Phoenician cities pay tribute to Assyria. 854--Phoenicians and other Syrians defeated by the Assyrians. 813--Carthage founded. 727-Luliya of Tyre asserts his independence and Phoenicia is ravaged by the Assyrians. 725--Tyre wins against the Assyrians the first naval battle of history, and withstands a five years' siege. 701--Luliya abandons his city to Assyria. 695--Spain becomes an independent Phoenician kingdom. 678--Sidon besieged for three years and captured by the Assyrians. 636--The Phoenician cities escape from the weakened Assyrian empire. 587--Nebuchadnezzar begins his great thirteen-year siege of Tyre. The city finally capitulates. 538--Phoenicia becomes a Persian province; Carthage asserts its independence. 536--The Carthaginians drive the Greeks from Corsica. 509--Carthage acknowledged by Rome as ruler of the western seas. 500 (?)--Hanno circumnavigates Africa. 480--The Phoenician ships under Persian rule defeated by the Greeks at Salamis and the Carthaginians defeated at Himera. 397--An African revolt against Carthage suppressed. 332--Tyre besieged by Alexander the Great and stormed after a remarkable contest. 310--Carthage besieged by the Greeks of Sicily. 276--Carthage finally conquers Sicily. 264--Carthage begins her first war with the Romans. 260--Her fleet defeated at Mylae. 256--Second great naval defeat at Ecnomus; the Romans invade Africa, but are defeated and their army perishes. 248--Hamilcar repeatedly defeats the Romans in small battles in Sicily. 241--Carthage sues for peace; terrible war of her mercenary soldiers against Carthage. 237--Hamilcar crushes the mercenaries. 236--Hamilcar begins the building of an empire among the Phoenician cities in Spain. 228--Hasdrubal succeeds Hamilcar and continues his work in Spain. 219--Hannibal succeeds Hasdrubal and defies the Romans. 218--Hannibal crosses the Alps into Italy and wins repeated victories. 216--Hannibal's chief victory at Cannae; the Romans no longer dare meet him in the field. 211--Hannibal besieges Rome, but abandons the siege as hopeless. 209--The Romans victorious in Spain. 207--A second Carthaginian army, having crossed the Alps, is defeated at the Metaurus. 204--The Romans invade Africa. 203--Hannibal recalled to defend Carthage. 202--He is defeated at Zama. 201--Carthage submits to Rome. 183--Death of Hannibal. 149--The Carthaginians commanded to leave their city; they resist and withstand a two-years' siege. 146--Fall of Carthage. 29--A Roman colony rebuilds Carthage under Augustus Caesar; and it becomes a great city.

A.D. 697--Carthage is destroyed by the Mahometans. IIII--Tyre is unsuccessfully besieged by the Christian crusaders. 1124--Second Christian siege of Tyre; it is captured. 1187--The Christians in Tyre withstand a two years' siege by the Mahometans; but Acre is made the chief port of the Christian kingdom and all the old Phoenician cities decline. 1516--Phoenicia captured by the Turks and its cities decay utterly.

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